By David Holland

February 22, 2017


Better Sales with Powerful Calls-to-Actions

What do those most ineffective campaigns have in common? Tell you what: poor call-to-actions. Calls-to-actions (commonly abbreviated by marketers as CTA) are not just about their design. It’s the overall impact of that small thing that drives a person to click. Lets get better sales now!

Do you know that with the right calls to action, you can increase conversion by up to 320%?

You don’t want to miss that opportunity. This is why you should invest time and creativity on crafting your calls-to-actions. Here’s a simple and quick guide to that.

Start by making the copy compelling

Copy what?

Yes, there’s copywriting in making calls-to-action. Even if your call-to-action only involves 2 or 3 words, they have to be the right phrase. Plus, that supporting text below your CTA button can make use of a wordsmith craft’s hands.

So, what makes a compelling call-to-action? First, it has to be straightforward and minimal essentially five words or less. The words have to be written in a language that resonates the audience. For example, NerdHQ who’s popular for cultivating the “nerd culture” used the CTA “Join the Nerdolution” to encourage people to sign-up on their Google Plus community.

Also, from colours to the copy itself, every element of your call-to-action has to be aligned with the entirety of the campaign material.


A call to action needs actionable words that correlate with what’s going to happen next when they click. For example, SUBSCRIBE is a common call-to-action on subscription-based newsletters. When a person clicks that, he knows he is subscribed to the newsletter and that he will receive updates accordingly.

Actionable word ideas:

  • Buy
  • Sign-up
  • Join

Persuade for clicks

It comes down to “the click”. That person has to do that action. So, you have to persuade and give them a reason why they SHOULD hit click.

Mix these words with actionable verb to persuade more effectively:

  • Guarantee
  • You
  • Results
  • Because
  • New

Exclusiveness is also a powerful element for persuasion. Exclusivity makes an even stronger call to action. Phrases such as invite only, request access, limited spots, exclusive to members and subscribers only are a few effective steals!

Give the value

You know how people think about marketing and promotional materials. No matter what, it’s all about them and what’s in it for them. They care less of how amazing the features are. They want more of the benefits. When creating your call-to-action, make sure that it is benefit-centric.

The person has to know the benefit for clicking that call-to-action. Reinforce the benefit with a short sentence or two (marketing calls it supporting text) placed below your call-to-action.

Create a sense of urgency

Inject scarcity. The human brain is wired to things that “you got to have before it’s gone”. This is why scarcity is a very effective strategy in marketing.  As for your calls-to-actions, it only takes a powerful phrase to build urgency.

Here are few proven effective phrases:

  • Today only
  • While supplies last
  • Offer ends in “insert number of hours”
  • Hurry X number of products left
  • Sales closing soon

NOW is also such a powerful word and has proven to induce urgency. It conveys sense of urgency that the action has to be taken immediately.

Captivating CTA design

You need strong visuals that reinforces your CTAs. They don’t have to be flashy. They just have to simply connect and convey urgency, trust and credibility.

Red is a common colour used on calls-to-action and it’s captivating to the eyes but also associated with debt and danger so be careful on using this. Yellow draws attention that’s why it’s easy to see and always standout. Orange is said by marketers as the perfect call-to-action as it is cheerful and aggressive at the same time. Green conveys calmness and trustworthiness perfect for campaigns that are associated to health, beauty and nature.

On our next article, you will learn how to design stunning calls-to-actions that are hard to miss. We also have an Ebook completely free all about calls to action Click Here to find out more 

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