By David Holland

December 8, 2016


Brilliant Follow Up Methods That’ll Bring You More Revenue this Holiday Season

How to Treat Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back in 2017

December arrives. There’s the smell of freshly-baked cookies, the smiling faces of carolers and the sight of snow-covered pavements, perhaps? One thing is for sure: you’ve got to do something to treat those customers of yours these days.  Every business you know of does it: the special offer, the Holidays discount, and Cyber Monday madness.

What’s in your plate?

Let’s start with those fresh customers who just came in to your door. You need a way to keep them posted about deals you have for them this season. With a powerful technology like Infusionsoft, you can create a dedicated registration form and sign up pages for new customers. In these forms, you can tell them about the amazing Christmas deals waiting for them after sign up.

With Infusionsoft, it’s also easy to build campaigns with automated registration reminders. Post-registration sequences are made even better with measurable results using this tool. Promotional and marketing materials are made relevant and personalized according to a buyer’s journey. So overall, having new customers to promote and market to even in these busy days is made easier with Infusionsoft.

We understand all the Holiday rush and so do you. With those customers waiting to spend their money, it’s about time to turn the switch on, schedule promotions, send offers and measure your success when January comes. Before you plan your follow up campaigns, start by understanding your timelines. What products to promote, which days of December you’ll promote them and when do you give the best discount for these specific products.

Since it’s the time of the year when everyone loves a treat, you are silently obliged to do so for your customers. Kickstart with a Holiday preview sale. Give them the chance to see the good stuff coming even before the Holidays. Here’s an idea: encourage your current customers to bring in friends or referrals. When Christmas arrives, your customer and the friend they referred gets a special discount or treat from you. Win, win.

Don’t forget to let your customers know there will be more updates and Christmas sales coming their way. Don’t stop encouraging new people to sign up to your mailing list so they will receive fresh Holiday offers on their inboxes. Make use of the power of automation with Infusionsoft to nurture relationship with these fresh customers until you get them into the buying cycle.

Cyber Monday is manic shopping Monday. Everybody loves online shopping on this very day. You can send follow up emails or newsletter notifying your list about special discounts. Or, you can blast emails as final reminder when Cyber Monday finally arrives.

Add value and extra love this Holiday season with free shipping. Notify your customers that you are offering free shipping specially for the Holidays. They would love it! Or, if you are generous enough, how about sending them gift card bonus? It’s not only a way to please them but is also introduced to new customers

Promote your products by highlighting their uses to people during this holiday season. For example, if you are selling beverages, you can send out tips and hacks on how these beverages can make the most of their Christmas.

And of course, Holiday Sales are incomplete without coupons, right? Add a coupon to your newsletter or your email. Make the most of your Black Friday offers. Notify them via email or social media about discounted items and special offers. Customize and email marketing campaign that fits the season. Don’t forget all those last-minute shopping reminders and follow ups. At the end of all these follow ups, let them know that you appreciate them. Say thank you.

The lovely thing about marketing even in these busy days is you can simplify processes and tasks using a powerful technology like Infusionsoft. Keeping track of your bestsellers, discounted items, campaign progress and everything else in the marketing process is made easy. What is more, the burden of time-consuming follow ups ease out.

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