By David Holland

April 18, 2017


Cloud Computing for Marketing to Millennials Entrepreneurs

The numbers of millennial entrepreneurs are booming and they are expected to grow in the next five years. This is the generation that your accounting firm shouldn’t miss to market.

There’s a handful of prospects and hot leads for you from Generation Y. With the help of cloud computing technology, you can effectively reach this complicated profile of prospective future clients.

Cloud computing technologies such as Infusionsoft is a trend among millennial entrepreneurs. As business owners themselves, they want their service providers to use reliable technologies that hasten processes and avoids time-consuming manual errors.

Through cloud computing, you can securely upload data through a global network where information can be accessed from any device with Internet connection. That means that if your client wants to see progresses and reports, even if they weren’t to visit your firm, they’ll get that information anywhere. Being able to access information from everywhere is a very important factor for millennial entrepreneurs as they embrace the trend of “bring your own device” workplace.

Additionally, cloud computing technology like Infusionsoft lets you market to millennials through multiple devices support as everything from landing pages to email marketing is optimized for multi-device accessibility. Vendors of cloud technology constantly upgrade their security to make sure that you and your client’s data are threat-proof. Since you only have to pay for a fraction of a cost and there’s no need for maintenance fees, your organization saves a ton of expenditures compare to traditional marketing.

Generation Y are tech-savvy entrepreneurs. They are already using technologies to optimize their businesses and they want their providers to have the same speed, accuracy and relativeness as how they deliver their products to their customers. In short, they want their accounting providers to be as efficient as them.

Through cloud technology like Infusionsoft, you are not only improving your organization’s processes but you can make use of this innovation to deliver outstanding services to your clients.

And because Infusionsoft is an all-in-one marketing and management system, it’s easier to build deep analysis and cut-through solutions that work specifically for millennials. Data, reports and metrics as automatically provided by such software lets you understand more of the Generation Y market. Through this valuable data, you are able to create ideas and the right approach to develop millennial-focused marketing plans.

Millennials auto-scan to read only messages that are personalized to them. They want emails that resonate to them. Cloud technology lets you create automated but intelligently sequenced messages so follow-up emails are automatically sent when a certain action is triggered.

Cloud computing technology is a worthy investment for your accounting firm for every type of clients you may have. As trusted by hundreds of accountants and firms from all over the world, Infusionsoft is proven to help accelerate success.

There’s a little downside though. It takes time to master the use of cloud computing more specifically if you were to use a software that’s made up of a ton of features. In the case of Infusionsoft, as it is made up of three main architectures – automation, email marketing and Customer Relationship Management – it may take an enormous time to perfect your way and reap its benefits.

To accelerate and soon get more millennial entrepreneurs to your accounting firm, ask help from qualified consultants who can help you at everything you wanted to know about cloud computing.

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