By David Holland

September 1, 2017


How to Effectively Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Google accounts for 60% of daily searches. Given the huge volume of searches each day happening in Google, you should emphasize your review acquisition strategies on your Google Business Page (GBP) where customers can leave their reviews.

A GBP is a great channel to generate fresh customers. It is also a proven cost-effective way to drive more customers within your demographic area which is great if you have a brick-and-mortar business. Even if you don’t have a physical store, you can still have customers review your business through a Google Brand Page.

The entire picture is, Google reviews influence brand trust, feedback and local SEO. These reviews allow your future potential customers to see if you are able to deliver the promise of your product.

If you’re not managing your Google reviews, you are missing a lot in online marketing.

Why customer reviews matter

There’s every reason why you should care for online reviews.

Reviews work as an indicator to your business and how you perform as a provider. They highlight the benefits or problems. Reviews also pinpoint the problems that your customers experience.

Consumers, specially the millennials, read online reviews. In a survey, 50% of respondents say they check for reviews first before buying. Another 25% said they check for reviews half of the time and only about 10% of the surveyed people said they never look for online reviews.

So basically, reviews and star ratings affect your customer’s buying behaviour. It’s about time that you manage your customer’s’ reviews and start building your review acquisition strategies.

How online reviews work

Online reviews are straightforward and simplistic. When a customer likes your products or services, they are likely to give you higher reviews. When they’re unsatisfied, they’re going to give negative reviews, or worse, rants.

Google Business Pages (GBP) leads the pack of reviewing platforms as they are the first to display on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), so they’re technically highly visible to searchers compared to other platforms on the Internet. Facebook also have its viewing platform, so does Yelp. Specialised sites such as TripAdvisor and retail sites like Amazon also lets customers leave reviews. Aside from your Google Business Page, your review acquisition strategy should also focus on websites where your customers are.

For example, if you have an Amazon store, you should also build strategies to reach out to your Amazon customers.

How to ask for reviews

Asking for review is a favour so it has to be quick, easy and simple. You don’t want to waste your customer’s precious time. Permission is important as you don’t want to be “tagged” as a spammer.

Tell them that what this review means to you and the future of servicing them. Tell them that you are looking forward to the review. Of course, gratitude still applies on this stage. Appreciate the time they’ve given for your reviews.

Amplify Good Reviews with Podium

Even though majority of consumers read reviews, most of them don’t bother to write, that is why you should put focus on a review acquisition strategy.

Podium is an easy-to-use review management tool that lets you ask for reviews at the right time. This could be when the customer praises your service or whenever they express happiness in their purchase.

Podium sends a text message to your customer’s phone with a straightforward instruction on how they can leave a review. It also has a simplified dashboard where you can manage reviews from different sites. Overall, review management is made easier and more effective with Podium.

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