Create Google Tag Manager Account

Before we can start optimising our sales funnel with the help of Google Tag Manager, we first need to create an account and get registered.

Step 1

First, we need to head over to the Google Tag Manager Hub, we can do that by following this link:

Once we enter the Google Tag Manager website, it may have automatically signed us in, or it may require us to sign in to our google account.

To keep things nice and simple, we recommend using the same google account that you used to create your Google Analytics profile.

Once you've signed in with the correct account, you should see a screen that looks something like this:

Step 2

We can now create an 'Account' by selecting the 'Create account' button in the top right hand corner.

Similarly as we did for the google analytics account, we can set up our Account & Container details,

For the account name, we used our company name e.g. EXELA.

For the Container name, we put our website e.g.

For the target platform, we selected 'Web'.

Step 3

Upon completing your account set up, you should be prompted to enter 2 pieces of code into your website, one after the <Head> tag and the other after the <Body> tag.

To do this, we can follow the exact same steps as seen in the google analytics installation for the <Head> code, and paste it right beneath the google analytics code.

For the <body> tag, we can follow the exact same steps as before, but paste the code beneath where it first says <body>.

Here's a video to help you through the process.

Once this is done, you're google tag manager should be successfully linked to your website!