LinkedIn Insights Tag Installation

Having a LinkedIn account is essential for almost any business, especially if a proportion of your customers are other businesses or business professionals. 

LinkedIn Ads can be a really powerful method for driving high-quality traffic to your website, however, to get the most out of this, we first need to set up our LinkedIn Insights Tag (Pixel). Having a LinkedIn Insights Tag will allow us to see what visitors from LinkedIn are doing when they click on our ad and visit our website.

In this lesson, we'll go through the process of setting up your LinkedIn business page and connecting your LinkedIn Insights Tag via Google Tag Manager.

Step 1

Before we can collect our LinkedIn pixel, we first need to create a LinkedIn business page and ad account. Here are some posts to walk you through the process.

Set-up a business page:

Create an ad account:

Step 2

Now that we've created our LinkedIn AD account, we can collect our Insights URL and configure our Google Tag Manager to track our desired conversions from LinkedIn.

Here's a really useful video on how to find your LinkedIn Insights Tag and install it in your Google Tag Manager:

Step 3

Once you've tested the Insights Tag and are happy that it's working as it should, we can submit the changes in Google Tag Manager and that's it. You've now successfully installed your LinkedIn Tracking Insights Tag.