DMARC is an important addition to any domain set-up, it uses both SPF and DKIM and helps to reduce the risk of spammers or scammers from sending emails to your customers, from your email address.

In this lesson, we'll be walking through the process of how to set it up a DMARC record for your domain.

Step 1

To start, we first need to locate the DNS record editor in our domain hosting. You can find out more information on how to do this by heading over to our lesson 1 for this module: 'Managing Your DNS Records'.

Step 2

Now that we've found our DNS records, we need to construct our DNS record text and add it as a TXT record.

Here's a great video I've found that goes through this process:

*For further explanation, start video from beginning
*Tutorial starts at: 5:24

Alternatively, if you prefer to follow along in text, here's another great tutorial for setting up a DMARC record: