Managing your DNS records

In order to complete lessons 2-4 and improve our email deliverability, we'll first need to be able to locate our DNS records in our domain hosting.

Step 1

DNS records are stored in your domain hosting. This is usually not your website hosting (i.e. wordpress), but is instead, the place where you purchased your domain (

Every domain hosting will have slightly different layouts and will use slightly different terminology, but ultimately, they all do the same job and should work quite similarly once we reach the DNS records.

A common domain hosting is GoDaddy, so that's what I'll be using in this example.

Step 2

Once we've found our domain hosting, we'll need to log in and find DNS records.

We'll then need to find something along the lines of 'Manage domain', 'Manage DNS' or something similar. 

This may be on the home page, or you may have to find the specific domain you wish to edit somewhere in the domain hosting website.

Once you find your domain, you should see something related to 'DNS', if not, try looking in the domain settings or see if you can find a specific help file for finding the DNS records on your hosting platform.

Each domain hosting service will be slightly different and may be labelled slightly differently, however, we are generally looking for something that includes the term 'DNS'. Additionally, if you have multiple domains on that hosting account, you will need to make sure that you're editing the details for the desired domain, so usually you need to head to a 'my products' or 'my domains' section and select the correct domain.

If you're struggling to find the DNS records, here are some instructions for some of the tip domain hosting sites:

- Bluehost

- Go Daddy

- Cloudflare

- Host Gator


-Site Ground