How to Create a Welcome Email That Readers Never Forget

How to Create a Welcome Email That Readers Never Forget

Hey, here we are again and this is the third and last part of our welcome email special series. Quick recap to our previous articles, the foundation of welcome emails lie on strategic planning and avoiding the things that make emails less desirable and inefficient.

What you must create is a welcome email that they will never forget. It should be able to entice the reader to look forward to reading the next email from you. Think of welcome emails as the foundation of building a solid relationship with the new people on board. Your goal is to leave a good impression so that when you send them your next email, they’ll know it’s from you and that it is worth reading.

Make sure to execute a minimalistic technique

Remember, it’s a welcome email and it’s supposed to be short, sweet, and catchy.  It’s a welcoming email so it should be as concise and brief as possible.

Break down your message into the smallest chunk. The design shouldn’t be overwhelming and the copy shouldn’t be lenghthy. Most of all, avoid persuasive selling.

Offer freebies, discount coupons or special offers

People love this stuffs! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Discounts and freebies are always on the back of people’s mind. They are also a great way to gain more referrals. Your readers are likely to tell their friends about you and that means more fresh leads on your way.

Set expectation

Tell them how often they will receive updates from you and the exciting things waiting for them. What are they going to receive in the next two months? What are the perks of being in your companies list? People love “benefits” and now matter how small it is, those benefits make them remember about your brand.

Tell them something interesting

For example, if you are a cosmetic company promoting cruelty-free products, you can tell that to the reader. That is even a selling point!

Think of something that will make them go “aha!”. It could be a trivia about your product or your personnel or the process that the product should go through just to reach in the market.

Why your welcome email should be worth remembering?

Know that welcome emails generate 4x more open rates than any other regular email campaigns. Plus, welcome mails gain 5x more click rates. And because readers are actually expecting to receive their welcome email, it is likely that they take the action you hoped for.

Now the floor is yours. It’s time to build your welcome email and again, don’t forget to make use of automation for more efficient, high-converting welcome emails.


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