Finding Qualified Leads from LinkedIn

Written by David HollandGrowth, Sales


Finding Qualified Leads from LinkedIn

How Infusionsoft Makes It Easier to Nurture Network Relationships, Build Better Brand Conversion and Bring in Positive Return on Investments

“LinkedIn is the best social media for professionals.”

You probably heard that over and over again, but the benefits of using it goes beyond highlighting or showcasing ultra-skills and amazing talents. Whatever type of business you might have, LinkedIn is a good place to find qualified leads and prospects that actually buy your product or services.

Yes, LinkedIn offers a great way to better brand reach, return on investment and effectively help nurture relationships with your target market. You just need to know how to use the power of Infusionsoft and LinkedIn altogether to optimized opportunities.

With more than 3 billion global users, LinkedIn geographical reach covers 200 countries and territories all around the world. LinkedIn traffic boasts 106 million unique visitors each month. People use this social network to build credibility of their profession and to highlight their skills. Those who have LinkedIn accounts are likely to get higher job chances compare to those who don’t so you can expect a lot of people from your target market to be here.

Come to think of it: while Facebook is made up of vast communities from diverse group of people and geographic profiles, LinkedIn is straightforward. It is a simpler platform. Demographic segmentation grouped per buyer’s persona in the scope of age, occupation and interest is made easier.

Do you know that LinkedIn drives more traffic for B2B campaigns compared to all social media combined? For small businesses, LinkedIn can provide quicker way to stream updates to your connections, groups and networks.

Before you can effectively bring leads to your business from LinkedIn, you must, of course, build your own LinkedIn account. It should be complete, with pictures that represent you as a professional or as a brand, and detailed information of what your skills and business are all about.

LinkedIn, from a business profile standpoint, helps boost credibility, reach opportunities and better market exposure. Having a LinkedIn profile specially one that uses premium features makes it easier to target qualified leads.

But where do you begin?

First, it’s very important to keep in mind that people from LinkedIn are mostly professionals, who are meticulous when it comes to messages they receive on their inboxes. With this, you must keep your marketing in permission-based approach.

What you are considering is building a nice, clean list of your network and your target market. Begin by creating landing page or a lead magnet to capture your network connections’ email addresses. Clearly state the kind of messages they can expect in the future messages from you.

When you use Infusionsoft as a part of your lead generation campaign, your opt-in form will have automated push notifications that brings in that information directly to your Infusionsoft database. Contacts generated are organized and segmented per your preferences so it’s easier for you to send targeted follow ups, messages and promotions. 

Infusionsoft allows you to monitor what matters the most from your LinkedIn networks and campaigns without all the chaos. Keep your follow up routines in top shape. Follow opportunities, maintain visibility of your LinkedIn profile and finally, send the qualified leads to your conversion funnel. 

Infusionsoft also has powerful reporting dashboards that let you see your campaigns progresses and results. Overall, when you use Infusionsoft for LinkedIn lead generation and nurturing, you have the power of a customer relationship management software, automation, ecommerce and email marketing — all in one tool, centralized to make the most of your campaigns. 


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