By David Holland

April 18, 2017


What Does a Highly Converting Accounting Firm Sales Letter Looks Like?

Every day, businesses get sales letters from random providers offering them solutions to a lot of things. There’s just way too many sales letters that in an instant, when they see something salesy, they don’t even bother to read or give a second glance at it.

It takes an appealing, crafty sales letter for it to resonate to the reader. So how does a highly converting sales letter look like?

It’s easy to the eyes

Business owners and decision makers are too busy to read lengthy sales letters. It’s important that at first glance, what they see is easy to the eyes and that the format itself wouldn’t take a lot of time to read. Here are some key pointers for an effective sales letter format:

  • Make your paragraphs short
  • Use bullet points to emphasize your firm’s key strengths
  • Make use of short postscripts (P.S) to reinforce calls-to-action
  • Have a clear call-to-action

It’s headline and first sentence are attention-grabbers

Your sales letter’s headline and first sentence is likely to be the first thing that will come to the person’s attention. They must be as perfect as possible.

Most successful sales letters out there emphasize the pain point of a reader or injects scarcity as to what the reader will miss if he will not continue reading.

Think of every sentence as ideally something that will get the person to read the next sentence until they conclude to your call-to-action or postscript.

It points to the specific problem

It is likely that your prospective client is not aware of the problem existing in their organization or that they are hesitant to see the problem because they think that the solution is costly.

Pinpoint these problems and offer a realistic solution. For example, as expenses is a factor why organizations are hesitant to hire an accounting firm, you can emphasize how costly accounting mistakes could be compared to hiring reliable firms like yours.

Your sales letter should also present credibility to reinforce that you can actually provide enormous benefits to your clients. Include social proof such as testimonials from your firm’s previous customers or social proof like who your previous clients were.

It gives GUARANTEED results

The organization has to feel safe about your offer. After all, they will have to rely on you for the most important matter of their business — money. You should portray that your firm’s services can bring guaranteed results.

Remember that it’s all about “what’s in it” for them. They don’t actually care how amazing your services are, they are only after the benefits. So instead of saying, “this is what we are going to do for you” you should emphasize what the clients will benefit from your services.

It gives the reader the “aha!”

Your competition might have already sent out a sales letter to your prospect. points that “unless you can pinpoint what makes your business unique in a world of homogeneous competitors, you cannot target your sales efforts successfully.”

Think about what makes your firm stands out from the rest. Make a convincing offer. Your selling point addresses an organization’s need and should be interesting. Cite references to reinforce trustworthiness and credibility and make the reader feel that they are secured with you.

Of course, it has a call-to-action

Your call-to-action should be clear, simple, and specific. It should be reinforced with a certain benefit. For example, your call to action could be: Call Us now for a FREE Consultation.

Create multiple calls-to-action but do not overdo it. Placements and variations of calls-to-actions should unify with the overall sense of your sales letter. Close your letter with a reminder and a powerful call-to-action.

It strategic to have other options for the reader to contact your company. It could be your direct line or an email.

It has a catchy postscript

Although a postscript is relatively short, it should include the summary of the offer and the benefit. It should intrigue the customers to contact you. In your postscript, give your reader a reason to act NOW.

Lastly, if you are sending massive prospecting sales letters to organizations, make sure that your messages are not generic. Generic letters are likely to go to spam boxes or ignored. To simplify your processes and create personalized and targeted sales letter even for thousands of prospects, use an automation tool like Infusionsoft. With a tool like this, you don’t have to repeatedly send out personalized sales letters one-by-one as the software automates it without compromising personalization and targeting so that the person reading gets a message that resonates with them.


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