By David Holland

June 7, 2021


Getting an audience for live events can be a challenging task. One way to boost registrations for an online event is by leveraging the power of webinars, podcasts or social media live streams like Facebook Live. Another one is by taking advantage of your event's location. 

You should create excitement with pre-event content and announcements like email blasts that continuously remind people about your upcoming events (don't forget social media). For attendees who share your event with friends, offer discounts and other incentives.

You should also make sure your event is as accessible and easy to find on the website or social media platforms that are being used. Include all of the necessary information -- including date, time, location, ticketing info (if applicable), speaker list, featured topics, sponsors/.

Boosting your social media following on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be a great way to get more event registrations for your organization.

Increase the exposure of online registration with in-person events - host an “informational” session at another location near you where attendees will have the opportunity to register by phone or email live from this other location that is easy to attend (don't forget about any time zone differences).

Create compelling calls-to-action throughout all channels including emails, website banners, flyers as well as social media updates and ads so they're everywhere potential registrants are looking! 

Lastly, don't forget about the post-event promotion! It's just as important to promote your event after it's over, and you should create content that summarizes the good times. Ask yourself if there are ways that people could have missed how they can register for this event.

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