By David Holland

August 31, 2017


How Important are Positive Google Reviews?

The answer is obvious: very important.

But without the right strategies, negative reviews are likely to overwhelm customer’s positive feedback. The reason is because human behave differently online. If you notice, in real life, we keep our mouths shut and anger is in control when we are not happy about a product or a service. In the virtual world, consumers rant when they’re unhappy with their purchase.

Here’s a truth to the world your business is in. It has two lives: one that exists in real life and one online. Your online reputation is just as important as what you do in real life. If you see it the other way around, then, you are looking at the wrong way.

These are the days when consumers rely heavily on online reviews. Expert digital marketers know that positive Google reviews can bring better conversion and help boost online reputation. The defining factors are reviews and star ratings. These two play crucial roles on your customer’s buying decision.

If you ever bought something from the Internet, you are likely to see a review or two. The same as these reviews’ impact you, they portray what the customer feels. The honest, sincere and transparent words of a customer are based from their experience.

With too many platforms available, it could get overwhelming where to focus your review acquisition strategies yet, nothing beats the power of Google. More than 60% of daily product and services searches happen in Google.

Over 90% of consumers read reviews online before purchasing and 40% of them said they will make the decision after reading 3 or 4 reviews. About 70% of these consumers say they trust a business based on positive reviews and higher star rankings. 30% said that it is important to them that a business will reply to their reviews.

Here’s where it gets more interesting. 95% percent of buyers said they suspect fake reviews if they don’t see bad scores. Technically, bad reviews are brush ups to build a mutual trust among your prospective customers.

Your focus is to outnumber the negative reviews and emphasize that your business is able to deliver its promises to the consumers. Negative reviews may look discouraging and a smear to your online reputation, but they’re also a way for you to see which side of your business can be improved.

It is also important to mobile optimised your website because review readers from mobile phones and handheld gadgets are 127% more likely to buy compared to those who read reviews on desktops.

If you want to make the most of Google online reviews, use Podium for your lead acquisition and management strategies. Podium helps you gather reviews that you can streamline through text message. It is nonintrusive, timely and an effective tool to ask reviews from your customers. It comes handy in every situation where you think it’s essential to get a customer’s opinion.

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