By David Holland

June 15, 2021


There are a numerous ways to make an effective sales funnel. Some use email campaigns, others rely on social media ads. But there is one that has become increasingly popular: video-powered sales funnels. A combination of good old fashioned marketing and modern technology, these funnels can be hugely successful for businesses! In this article, we will take a look at what they are and how you can create your own with ease.

But a video-powered funnel is is so much more than just a video. To be effective, it has to stand out in the digital marketing landscape. It has to hook its audience with either an engaging first-impression or some powerful call to action (CTA) tactics. But when done properly it can really increase the conversion rate of your business.

Awareness stage

1. Build credibility by providing "How-To" videos

2. Get people engaged with thrilling commercials

How-to videos

Few people approach brands with an exact, fixed idea in mind of the product they want to buy. If you're looking for a more engaging way of advertising your product or service on social media, try some "How-To" videos! They are simple and effective as they show potential customers how to use your products through tutorials rather than telling them about it in text form.

A video-based sales funnel provides a more memorable experience for the customer and ensures that they are able to recreate your process. Make sure you keep your videos in easy to follow steps, use your own product for demonstration of the key points, but don’t be overly promotional just yet! Here is an example below:

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