By David Holland

December 1, 2016


How to Humanize Your Brand for Better Conversion

Truth be told, people love people. They don't simply love brand. They trust brands that can resonate to them as human beings and resolve their pain. This is why it is very important to humanize your brand.

When you talk about brand, to ordinary people, this very word is only use by profiteers; people who want to suck money out of them. Now unless you offer the most amazing product in the planet, it is never an issue to be tagged as a profiteer because, somehow you won't have to care for branding as the product itself is easy to sell.

Bu then again, with competitions cannonballing in the market, it is almost impossible to standout in your niche without having to build a solid brand.

Some consumers might not even hear or somehow “refuse” to hear about branding. It could be that branding doesn’t make sense to them or they don't care at all. What's in knowing about branding do with their daily lives any? But of course, as for you and your business, you know the importance of branding when it comes to building better relationship and engagement with people.

The constant bombardment of advertising on TV, the radio and Internet, is not any help either. People find it hard which brand to trust. These ads scream that they all fit for the consumers need. These messages, specially from fresh brands, are given instant scrutiny.

So where should you start?

Imagine your brand as a fictional person.

If you brand is a person, how would he or she appeal to you? What are his or her characteristics? Funny, friendly, humorous, formal, geeky, dorky? How does he or she dresses? Hipster, coat and ties, dresses na high heels?

First, let’s back if off a bit. Since we are trying to figure out and perfect a fictional person to represent as a brand, we first try to evaluate the kind of person that would try to appeal to your target audience. Take consideration of the kind of person that your target market would love to be around.

For example, if you are targeting teenagers, these group of people are likely to love a friendly, hype person. For children, they love cheerfulness and light, friendly vibe. Hunters love sportiness and aginess. Think of the kind of people your target customers would love to talk to then you will be able to create a fictional person to represent as your brand.

Engage in conversations.

Don't just simply post updates or tweets. Comment back and response. Join the hottest conversation in your niche. Have that brand use the voice it represents.

Tell stories of failures

What would be a better way to make a brand more relatable and ultimately humanized than telling stories of epic fails? People as human being are more intertwined and captivated by the essence of failure. So go ahead tell those epic fails of your product, of your company and even of yourself. Infuse the element of failure to humanize your brand.

Send welcoming swags or gifts.

Now this does not apply to every business specially if you are selling gold, know what I mean? But a swag or welcoming gift is a way to appreciate customers better than just sending welcoming email. Little gifts build customer loyalty.

Never forget to spice it up with humor

Yes humor is an important ingredient to every brand. People love to laugh. Delight your audience with a good laugh and you will surely create not just a humanized brand but a brand to remember.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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