By David Holland

September 26, 2016


Making a splash!

Silvia and Miguel are a young and dynamic couple originally from Spain, who passionately love what they do and came together in 2012 to start the International Swimming Academy in London.

They both have long histories with swimming and started in the water from an early age – Miguel at the age of 6 was diagnosed with a rare back and skin conditions and used to go to the sea with his father, following advice from his doctor, that not only would this help with the healing of his illness but would also act as a distraction from it. Miguel became fascinated by the water that eventually cured him. Silvia at the age of four had a passion for the water slides close to her home in Madrid, and a dislike for the overcrowded and somewhat daunting swimming lessons that she attended, these lessons didn’t put her off her love of water, far from it, they only encouraged her to find a better way for others to learn how to swim.

isa-3After many years of acquiring every possible swimming qualification they both discovered SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM -the only method where children learn from the age of 6 months how to be safe in the water and undertook training in the USA with their mentor Joy McGinty the founder of the Pediaswim method – where children learn the SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM technique -(It is believed that this may be the reason why the US swimmers collect so many Olympic medals)- and became ambassadors of this way of teaching everyone how to swim. isa





Fuelled by their joint passion of water and a wish to make being in the water a safer place for swimmers and making sure no student EVER gets left behind! The International Swimming Academy was born.

Miguel who is a former full-time lifeguard, competitive swimmer and a professional swimming teacher says: I work with children every day in the water and they are always smiling- they make me smile so much. 

miguel-isaDoing what you do best is really rewarding whatever it is, working with EXELA with what they do best—getting Infusionsoft automation up and running quickly and smoothly – meant that Miguel and Silvia could get on with what they do best – coaching their students and making them safe in the water. A win-win situation.

As their academy becomes weekly more popular with waiting lists for their coaching at three different pool venues, they decided that in order to manage their ever growing list they would need to harness the power of Infusionsoft to service both their existing clients, and their new customers and prospects. We started the Small Business Success Method (SBSM Kickstart) together and were able to identify the Priority Path and set up their first automation quickly, allowing them to be able to see the results of what they had in place shortly afterwards. The momentum of this perpetuated the enthusiasm to get working on the next project.

We find that most people want to talk with an instructor before signing up which is fine, they want to understand how and what will happen to either themselves or their children in the SWIM-FLOAT-SWIM coaching sessions. Inherently people have a fear of water and we want to break this fear, when you see a 6-month old baby turning to float in the water quite naturally you start to break down the old paradigm and allow a new way of thinking. Once the parent sees this they can’t believe it, they are amazed and delighted.

The first problem that Infusionsoft automation solved for the couple was managing their call lists, now when a potential client clicks a button (a call to action) on their website or in an email they get dealt with quickly and efficiently and Silvia and Miguel know exactly who they are speaking with and what they want to talk to them about, a task is created and added to the task list in Infusionsoft which lets them know everything they need to about that person. They can now schedule a time each day when they are not in the water to call them and discuss the needs and requirements of their client – they are fully informed about them, which course they want, which pool location, what the swimmer’s name is – which means no more ill-informed dripping wet calls to prospects on the poolside.

The second solution Infusionsoft gave them also saves a huge amount of time and energy, while on the call they can start a campaign automation with the click of a button depending on the outcome of that call: what happens next –  what they want to do – observe a lesson, book a course, complete a Terms and Conditions form or a Registration form for a course- and they can follow-up with them immediately  no more hours of waiting and then sending 100’s of emails to people and forgetting or losing information, these follow-ups  are now ticked off their manual list and are fully automated with the templates we have created– which gives them more time- to enjoy what they do best – coaching.


The great thing is that any user from our Team working in Infusionsoft has transparency to see what any given contact is doing, has done, wants to do, it is all available in their record – again, more time saved with not having to undertake Team updates!

Silvia who has a keen interest in all water sports and physical activities says:

We want to help everyone to safely and confidently have fun in the water, after all the water is a theme park of fun

The couple are already planning their next Infusionsoft campaigns and processes with the support of the EXELA team and their coach, and with a similar ethos to Silvia and Miguel, EXELA also want to help everyone to confidently have fun setting up their Infusionsoft systems.

Watch their video testimonial here.

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