By David Holland

February 9, 2017


Lifecycle Marketing: Selling at the Right Time, Every Time

Phase 2 of 3 for Guaranteed Marketing

Does it feel like people are not interested in your offers? Are you not making enough conversion? Or, do you wish your customers could spread the word about how amazing your products are?

You might be missing a lot of things. There might be lost prospects, traffic just slipping through the cracks and hot leads completely gone cold.

Maybe it’s about time you learn to sell in perfect timing. The effective approach is selling to people when they’re ready to buy. The phase 2 of 3 on the Lifecycle Marketing is about timely follow-ups sequenced according to a person’s journey with your company.

A quick recap on phase 1 (Attract). You need to attract people and get noticed. Lead acquisition could come from relevant traffic through lead capture. You could also do outbound paid search, ads and print (depending on your industry)

The phase 2 of 3 on Lifecycle Marketing is about Selling.

Phase 2 is broken down to three simple strategies. Educate, offer and close.

  1. Educate your customers. Encourage trustworthiness, credibility and respect on your brand. Educate your prospective customers by sending them helpful, informative materials related to your industry. For example, if you are selling handyman tools, you can send out DIY home repair tips through eBooks or PDF formats. This way you are building trust and connection while portraying expertise in your industry.
  2. Offer in a timely manner. Infusionsoft’s powerful reporting dashboard lets you analyse which among your customers are in the heat map or those who are already willing or need to buy. With it, you can intensify your selling campaign on this specific crowd.
  3. Close with gratitude. Close the sell with appreciation and expect more customers knocking at your door. You can send them exclusive offers, freebies or a simple Thank You note to their mailbox. It’s a good way to say thank you and bribe their hearts to love your brand.

Centralized your processes in Infusionsoft

Metrics and analysis reports such as traffic, sales, among others are available in Infusionsoft allowing you to see campaign progresses. You can observe past actions or engagements and match these with timely offers.

Email, content, first purchase discount, time limited offers and such are sent automatically according to a person’s behaviour so you won’t have to do it one-by-one.  Since messages are triggered by a prospect’s behaviour, offers are sent in a timely manner. You can create sequences for: new prospects, new customers, upsells, testimonials, referral requests, follow-up on abandoned carts and a whole lot more. When follow-ups are done right, your customer base could grow faster so could your sales.

Onto phase 3 . . .

When you sell, is that how it ends? Of course not. The end goal is to turn these customers into preachers, willing to evangelized about your products. As more than 70% of consumers trust more on referrals than information they see on ads, it’s a wise move to focus on referrals

Check out how you can create effective referral programs and retention tactics for your company’s specific goals on the Phase 3 of Lifecycle Marketing.

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