By David Holland

December 21, 2016


LinkedIn Lead Generation; Automated Nurturing and Conversion Tracking with Infusionsoft

Yes, you read it right. You can definitely generate leads from LinkedIn.  What is more, with industry-specific relevancy on your network from LinkedIn, this social media offers promising quality prospects and qualified leads.

And, with the help of Infusionsoft’s power for customer relationship management, email marketing and automation, everything on LinkedIn marketing can be done with ease and speed.  But here’s a catch: it’s not like your traditional digital marketing.

LinkedIn lead generation requires etiquettes, a bit of patience and ultimate proficiency on using this specific social network. Because people in here are professionals, they expect you to communicate to them with the voice of formality and expertise.

That means you must resonate to their industry and can communicate in their own universal language. For instance, if you are selling software products to programmers on LinkedIn, then you better be proficient on geeky jargons such as

Realize that the speed of success on LinkedIn marketing depends on your strategies and your proficiency to how this social media works. You should know you way around.

LinkedIn is a social network for people who want to demonstrate their skills, their past working experiences and their company.  Unlike Facebook where everyone’s on rave about what they ate on lunch, the cool thing in the block, politics, climate change, so on and so forth, LinkedIn is handled by people differently.

On LinkedIn, it’s like there is this silent boundary to keep everything as formal and as industry-relevant as possible. And, of course, people from here don’t like unsolicited, random, email blasted marketing messages.

So, it’s very essential to make your message dedicated to that specific audience. Start by understanding LinkedIn and how it works. Log in more often, roam around (virtually), connect with the colleagues you’ve known in real life and to mutual connections. Post updates often.

Once you’ve gotten to know how the platform works, maximize profitability and exposure by upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn profile. The minimal fee can go a long, long way. The In-mail feature, for example, allows you to send messages to anyone in LinkedIn even if they are not in your network or you don’t know their email address.

Whether you are running a personal profile or a company page, make sure it is complete. Statistically speaking, 40% of LinkedIn marketing success lies on the completeness of a profile. Before you dive in just to message and connect to anyone in Linked, make sure you know who they are and if their profile fits your targeted buyer persona.

LinkedIn is also a great tool to research specific groups of professionals and target audiences in certain industries. For example, if you are a retailer of cameras then your best prospects on LinkedIn are photographers, videographers, artists and hobbyist. LinkedIn makes it easier for you to find these people.

Point prospects to your lead magnet. Collect lead information through an external landing page. In this landing page or lead magnet, be specific of the offer and what will people get after they provide you with their contact information. Make sure to explicitly emphasize that you will use their information for future updates and what they should expect.

Join groups of your specific target market. Since social networks are all about building relationships with people, go network. Keep your brand with you whether you were to market yourself, your company, services or products.

Keep up with your network.  Post updates, follow up, response to comments and network with your connection. Create content calendar for updates, blog creation, promotions and follow. Overtime, as your lead list grows, so are your tasks. While this also means an obvious growth for your brand and business, it also says that there is more hard work to be done

Therefore, you need Infusionsoft all along. The moment you get that prospect to your list, you need to make them feel connected. Infusionsoft automates the process by sending personalized and targeted welcome emails. You can also build your own sequenced lead nurturing messages and keep up with your leads through Infusionsoft’s innovative customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Campaign progresses and results can also be tracked down with a detail and summarized 360-degree view through report dashboards.

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