How to Make Your Everyday Office Operation Way Easier with Automation 

How to Make Your Everyday Office Operation Way Easier with Automation 

While not every office work can be automated, there are loads of time-consuming day-to-day tasks that can make use of automation. From typing emails to chasing last-minute paperwork’s, and welcoming new clients to closing a sale -- automation can absolutely help. 

 Have you ever got the chance to reflect as to how much time you or your staffs take to open emails, or organize meeting or set follow-calls for potential customers? How about the selling process? Do you spend enormous time to close even a single deal? 

If you want to cut to the chase, make operations more efficient and bring in better return on investment for your business without having to spend enormous time, money, and resources, then automation should really be an option for you.  

Do you know that most successful companies out there use automation for their businesses? The core benefits are efficiency, better customer relationship management and increase on return on investment. Here are major aspects in your campaigns and operations that can use automation. 

Better email handling with automation 

According to statistics, employees spend 28% of their workweeks reading, responding and writing emails and that time spent technically translates into 650 hours a year. That's a lot of time spent only on mails! Those precious hours could have been spent on being productive. What is worse, researches show that unnecessary emails cost a company about $1800 per year.  

Not only are emails a time-killer but they also add up distraction in the workplace. On average, a person takes about 15 minutes to recover focus from an email message. 

Automate the simple stuff so you can focus on the big stuff

Get 25 suggestions for what you can automate easily to free up your time

How can automation help you with these? 

Automation, from its very word, automates everything - but that doesn’t mean it is done in a “robotic” way. Automation using a powerful system such as Infusionsoft lets you sequence emails whether it is for new customers, to follow-up a lead, to close a deal, or set a new appointment, among others.  

These actions are done in bulk so you don’t have to send messages one by one. With intelligent tagging capacity and powerful segmentation, automated emails are customized according to a readers’ behaviour so messages actually resonate with them. 

Bottom line is, there’s no need for you or your employee to handle each fresh mail manually. It's a time-saver and a wiser way to increase productivity. 

Skyrocket your hiring process 

Manually collecting job applications from your prospective hires does not just take effort but the company's valuable time too. It is likely that you are also wasting a lot of energy on the hiring process.  

You can automate online applications. Automating works by sorting applicants based on their behaviour. There will be web forms that needed to be filled in which allows the automation process to trigger the next pages. Serious applicants, of course, will fill in and answer these questions given in your hiring web forms.  Application processes are broken down to intelligent sub-tasks so that you can find applicants who are the best fit for the positions. Interview follow-up can also be automated.  

Finances tasks made easier 

Financial tasks such as invoices, bills and keeping track of transactions should not hinder productivity. The time you put into it, those tedious tasks of sorting papers and the risk to manual errors will always be there if things are done manually. These don’t happen when you make use of automation. No need to individually invoice customers. About time you take advantage of automation for your accounting and finance tasks.  

Automate everything else 

Time consumed on manually doing everything in your business costs your company money and resources plus all the cumulative stress caused by having to do these tasks one by one. Aside from email handling, appointment setting and financial tasks, automation is also efficient for your marketing, promotions, even birthday reminders and other routinely tasks. So instead of your employees spending time on emails, managing appointments, the hiring process and everything else in-between, make use of automation to improve your business. 


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