By David Holland

January 13, 2017


How to Make Sure Automation and CRM Bring You an RoI You Deserve

Automation and CRM bring better RoI, or so you’ve heard. But really, how far can these technologies help you when it comes to improving your overall business and your team? They still are pieces of technology, and technology is likely to have its own downsides.

Truth be told is, these software can be a friend or an enemy to your business but that depends on how you use them. You see, an automation and CRM software like Infusionsoft is quite an investment for you. That alone gets you thinking if they are worth having in your business, plus the time and resources you use to get them working for you and your team.

What you can do to make the most from your automation and CRM software is to plan strategically; what it is for, what part of your business operation needs it and what are you expectations when using it.

Cloud-based and automation technology like Infusionsoft has been a buzz in the marketing and business world for the past years. Majority of people who utilize technology say that such tool brought them great benefits like better positive RoI, productivity, speed and efficiency on their workplace, marketing and selling operations.

Choose a specific goal to avoid numerous (and sometimes useless) amount of tests. Setting a specific goal allows you to track with better metric data and focus on those goals. What are your productivity, conversion and RoI goals for using a software?

Sales and marketing department make use of automation and CRM. Get your users (the people to use the system) on board in most of the operation. Make them have their hands-on experience on using the system.

Use the system data and metrics for your marketing. These data are goldmine of information that lets you filter important information for your marketing. These data make it easier to see your company and team’s weak points and strength. Basically, you get more useful insights and have a better customer relationship management plan.

By making use of automation, you reduce marketing cost as you utilize clean, accurate data and segment points to find the best prospects. You are also able to determine the interest of your prospects and bring in more interested leads in a faster time-frame.

Make use of automation for onboarding new clients. The first 60 days of new customers is very important and you got to solidify this relationship. Segment to identify people who are considered risk; they are likely the one not engaging. Make use of satisfaction profiling.

Leverage automation and CRM to create sequenced prospect nurturing campaigns for leads to go to the buying stage. Create intelligent campaigns, market more intelligently with personalization and automation to send relevant, targeted messages. Score leads through demographic and psychographic data to qualify and advance leads. Get to the right people with the right message.

Importat lead database for clean, structured, data. Automate to avoid spending time manually cleaning of messy lead database or information. Get a 360 degree view of data by making use your software.

Use technology to make your content dynamic and automatically tailored to your target audience. Use dynamic content for landing pages, calls to actions, sidebars, among others.

Improve customer experience with the help of an automation software: automate responses and automatically assign reps or manage routinely inquiries with automated responses. Automate from building a fresh list of leads, sequencing them to stages of nurturing and even up to the buying cycle. Nurture leads and sort out customers accordinging to their psychographic and demographic profile so you can send the right product to the right people.

Make operations scalable, intelligent and flexible according to your company's processes and routines. While some say failure is one step closer to success, that is not wholly so when it comes to your business. Failing, in the business world, means losing resources, money and time. So you want to prevent from failing at anything and that include using technologies. You want to make the most of it and make sure it plays the part.

Learning to use a new software can be time-consuming and perhaps, frustrating specifically for business owners who are not much into technology. To make the most of an automation or CRM technology, consult a specialist to avoid costly mistake.

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