By David Holland

February 22, 2017


Making Sure Your Calls-to-Actions Work

Usability, Copy, Design and Infusionsoft

A quick recap.

Your calls-to-actions (CTAs) should be short, clear and concise. It is detailed enough so that the person knows what he will sign-up for. An example is Facebook’s “Create Account” call-to-action button. By providing information and clicking that CTA button, the person knows that he is about to create an account on Facebook.

Overall, a call-to-action must be compelling with action-oriented verbs that drive the person to actually do the click. Words used should create a sense of urgency and is reinforced with supporting statements that trigger curiosity, trust and/or persuasion.

Colours use for a call-to-action must unify with your brand and campaign material. Use the right colours to build trust and provoke persuasion. Remember the first time you signed up on Facebook (or just go check if you don’t have any account)? There’s that Create Account CTA, in your face, bright in colour and with white space enough to cancel the copy noises on the rest of the page.

Now after perfecting those calls-to-actions, it all boils down to one thing: do they work? You wouldn’t know unless you tested them.  Before you even begin testing, analyse your goals, what you are trying to achieve and what’s your bottom line.

Testing button usability

First off, usability test must be dedicated among calls-to-actions. Consider different scenarios such as page redirects, ad redirects, inbound traffic and such. Make sure that your CTAs work and are error-free for scenarios whenever they are used.

Experiment first with your internal team before you set a campaign live to see anything you might of missed on your CTAs. Use Infusionsoft to effectively track progresses so you can see which part of your campaign needs tweaking and which can be optimized. 

Testing CTA copies

Split test (a/b) or do multivariate tests (a/b/c/d) for your calls-to-actions.

Test text variations of CTA buttons or links. It could be a test of word variations or word length variations. Test verbs and adjective variations. Also, test variations for those supporting texts.

Testing campaigns when integrated with Infusionsoft makes it easier to analyse which works and which doesn’t. Through simplified report dashboards, you’ll be able to see heat maps and evaluate strategies to optimize conversions and results.

Testing design and structure

Test different button sizes, shapes and special effects (if any) to examine which gets more attention. Do test for variations of CTA positions and placements. Test whitespace variations.

As colours also have a big impact on a campaign’s efficiency, do separate split tests for different CTA colours, hues and gradients.

Infusionsoft for testing

Testing your calls-to-actions makes sure that you are not just blindly using ineffective CTAs. It enables you to analyse and predict CTA strategies that are helpful for your next campaign.

Infusionsoft have functionalities where you can test your CTAs to see which among them work best. Results of split testing or multivariate testing are recorded through Infusionsoft’s innovate dashboard so you get to see a 360-degree view of their results. 

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