By David Holland

April 5, 2017


Marketing Your Services Like It’s the Best in the World

Everytime you have a new prospective client on board, you want to portray that you are the best in the industry, right? That absolutely helps. To get more clients, you want to market your services like you are the rockstar in what you do.

Somehow there’s a difference between “clients” and “customers” as much as there are differences between marketing a product for customers and marketing your services to clients. With a product, a customer buys, goes away and maybe, if they love what they bought, they’ll come back. On the other hand, clients are treated with delicateness in mind. A client is someone who needs close, one-on-one interaction and continuous relationship building.

Here is where we take the marketing phase for a service into two simplified levels: positive experience and personalised automation.

Creating a positive experience

The secret in why some of the most successful service providers out there have gigantic client-base is because they always put a positive experience at the forefront.  

A positive experience is the key to a long lasting and solid relationship among clients. When they’re happy with the services you have provided, satisfied with outputs and are given timely updates and communication, they will not only keep coming back but will also refer you to their colleagues.

When clients see that you are passionate about what you do, your brand shines through (no metaphor intended there). Clients love providers who care for them and what they do. Be honest, open and empathetic and you’ll build excellent reputation for the human touch you put on your brand. Show that you truly care for their goals and that you’re the trustworthy provider that helps solve their pains. Ask questions, take notes and let them feel that you got their back.

First time clients need to feel secure. Provide something first to give value and build trust; for example, a free consultation. Actively listen to their frustrations, that’s a part of being a good service provider. Acknowledge their frustration and offer the kind of solution specific to their problem.

Automate at a personal level

Automation software like Infusionsoft allows small businesses to market and build relationship with clients more effectively by, well, automating redundant tasks. A software like Infusionsoft has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature, an e-mail marketing system and automation capabilities perfect for service providers like you.

Although automation may sound too “robotic” that is not wholly so when you use an innovative tool. Through automation, you are reaching out to clients in a more personalized way without actually having to do tasks in real-time and without the necessity to do them again and again. For example, through an e-mail system, you can tailor a sequenced, behavior-trigger thread of messages that are automatically sent when a client does a certain action.

Those messages are personalised according to the client’s journey with you so what he/she gets is a message that is timely and specific to his/her needs. You can even schedule a series of post for your social media accounts. Basically, through automation, you save time.

With a software like Infusionsoft, marketing is made more efficient through its lead capture and lead nurturing features. For example, welcoming fresh leads can be done through automated welcome emails. By automation, you can automatically send out birthday greetings and that would surely make your clients feel appreciated. There’s a lot of CRM features that can effectively help you nurture relationship with clients even when you’re asleep.

Your redundant tasks can benefit the most from automation so there’s no more space for manual errors. Instead of doing routinely tasks, you can just streamline your processes so you’re focus is dedicated to your services instead.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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