By David Holland

December 8, 2016


Measure Your Holiday Campaigns Success with Infusionsoft

It sounds like it’s all gone with the wind. Customers stopped buzzing around, the 70% off tagged on your items are gone and now have time to take an extra shot of your favorite coffee. Then you go get to ask yourself:

So where am I?

You look onto your revenue and you sure do see some spikes on those figures. After all the Holiday rushes, you sold twice, thrice or more compared to the other eleven months in a year.  Yes, December flew by and all the Holiday season is but a history. So, what should you do next? It’s time to measure.

As a matter of fact, during your campaign, you should measure your progresses to keep track of your conversion rate. During your holiday campaign, tracking your conversion lets you analyze what works and what doesn’t. Use Infusionsoft for all-in-one measuring from purchases data, consumer behavior and even on return of investment.

Infusionsoft has a Campaign Dashboard that lets you create metrics for up to five campaigns at a time; perfect for the Holiday rush. This dashboard gives you an entire picture of what’s going on in your campaigns. You can also measure your A/B testing campaigns to see which among them works best for December.

Month-to-month analysis is made easy with Infusionsoft. If you are running an ecommerce site, you can track traffic sources, visitor conversions, value per visitor, return visitor conversions, cost per conversion, bounce rate and exit pages. All of this data is useful not only for the Holiday campaign but also for your 2017 marketing and promotional goals.

With the powerful metric and analytic tool in Infusionsoft, you can view insights and opportunities from your different campaigns. See revenues and refund. Get a quick look at your sales performance. Find out which products are the best sellers and which are not.

When January arrives and all the Holiday chaos is gone, invest time to review your results, what differs than from previous years, which products are the best sellers and which are not. Which among your products should be out of the shelves and which should you promote most in 2017? 

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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