By David Holland

September 1, 2017


Your Google Business Page is an Untapped Goldmine

It’ll be a big surprise if you haven’t been managing your Google Business Page yet. Above all, you shouldn’t just let it sit there. That presence on the Internet offers you a goldmine of opportunities.

First thing first, Google Business Pages (GBPs) gets a lot of daily traffic. Massive queries from channels and search engines are redirected to these listings. It means that your potential customers see Google Business Pages more often specially when they research for local providers or products.

GBPs are fed to Google’s search engines and they’re highly visible to Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). Technically, GBPs is your modern-day yellow pages. People widely access GBPs on their desktop, Smartphone, tablets and every other device that has Internet.

Just like the way traditional listing works, businesses also compete for their GBPs exposure on Google search ranking. It’s crucial that you should spend time to manage and optimise your GBP so your business displays first on the top SERPs. Being on the top of these results means higher exposure to your potential future customers.

Google continuously refines their search algorithms. Google’s end goal is to give users the most relevant and accurate answer to queries. Reviews on your Google Business Page highly affects your ranking on the SERPs. These reviews trigger keywords and data that increase GBPs relevancy to searchers’ queries. The more credible reviews you have, the higher your chances are to be on top of the Search Engine’s Page Results.

Google Business Page powerful reviews are also very useful when it comes to customer’s decision-making. These reviews influence online people whether they were to buy or not.

Even though you have the best products out there, you need to pay attention to your customer’s opinions specifically the ones on your Google Business Page. Research after research concluded that about 90% of customers are likely to trust online reviews as much as they trust their peers, colleagues and friends. The bottom line is, the more reviews your business has, the more brand mention and the higher your chances are to increase visibility in the marketplace and outshine your competition.

Businesses have realized that customers are willing to pay for highly-rated products or services. You are likely to get more reviews when your product is easy to purchase, when it arrives quickly and when it delivers its promise. Of course, after-sales customer service will also get you more positive reviews.

But here’s a catch . . .

Google Business Pages have their own downfall and that is negative reviews. Since customers can easily leave reviews on your GBP, you may come across with people’s negative feedback and this affects your business online reputation.

You see, highly rated products mean they are trusted by consumers. High ratings equals consumers trust.  92% of searchers will use local business if it has at least 4-star ratings and more than 70% of these consumers will take action (e.g visit the store, set an appointment) after reading a positive review.

You need to be able to address negative reviews ASAP before they could hurt your online reputation. With this, you need a tool that notifies you in real-time when a new review is posted.

Podium for your Google reviews . . .

Again, Google reviews are the make or break of your GBP.

Podium is a platform used by thousands of businesses to manage their Google reviews. Podium works to gather reviews from customers by sending a single text message with simplified instructions on how the customer can leave a review. The process is straightforward. Podium signs in the customer to their google account and the customer creates feedback. If they prefer to not leave a review, there is an option where they can input their feedback on the comment box. The opinion is set private and not available in your GBP.

Podium notifies you almost instantly when a new review is posted so you can promptly respond. For negative reviews, you can correct inaccuracies or apologise if need be.

With Podium, it’s easier to gather more customer reviews so you can quickly rank your GBP to SERPs. Again, the more word of mouth there is about you, the more people are likely to see you.

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