By David Holland

September 12, 2016


The Perfect Landing Page that Converts Readers Into Buying Customers

There is a reason why landing page is continuously an expanding strategy that about 50% of businesses out there create a landing page whenever they have a new marketing campaign. That being said technically means that landing pages definitely play a vital role when it comes to better ROI, audience reach and reputation building.

Now you might think that building a perfect landing page is all about impeccable grammar and stunning design, but that is not wholly so. A perfect landing page goes far beyond Stephen King-like way of storytelling or perfect colors and hues. “Perfection”, per se, when it comes landing page creation, is about crafting something that converts readers into buying customers.

Headlines and Call-to-Action: The Two Most Important Parts of Your Landing Page

Among the elements in a landing page, there are two that need most of your attention: the headline and call to actions. We’re not saying that the rest of your landing page is not as valuable as your headline and Call-to-Action. It is just you must spend more time on these two because they are the most crucial parts of the cycle. The headline is the first thing that the landing page reader will see and the call to action is the end-point of the process which points them to do the action you hope for.

Strong, relevant, catchy headline

Every experienced marketer out there will tell you to spend a lot of time crafting your headline. That is because a strong, powerful headline is a necessity for a landing page. The 3 key elements of a powerful headline are RELEVANCE, KEY BENEFITS and FOCUS.

Since a headline must not be too lengthy (ideally less than two sentences) it is very important to keep FOCUS and straightforward about the message of the entirety of your landing page. The FOCUS of that landing page is to wrap the idea of the concept of the landing page. On your headline, emphasize BENEFITS instead of the PRODUCT FEATURES because after all, consumers are all about what’s in an offer for them. Do you have guarantees? Do you offer free trial?

Keep the headline relevant to the offer and don’t exaggerate. Although hyperbole is somewhat helpful when it comes to catching attention, it never works on the end process – which is getting the person to buy your service. Chances are, when a prospect sees that the real benefit is smaller than what has been offered to him in the beginning, he might change his mind.

Call to Action

A powerful call to action demonstrate and persuades what the website visitor should do next. That call to action must be relevant and persuasive enough to convince the reader.

For instance, for a clinic that offers free consultation, instead of the blunt and stereotype call to action button that says, “BOOK A CONSULTATION” you could instead insert the benefit word, “FREE”, making your call-to-action, “BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION.” That would surely have greater conversion.

Aside from “free”, power words such as new, guaranteed, try and results are among the highest converting words to use for call to action. Injecting scarcity words such as limited offers, supplies last, this week's offer, last chance, and offer only until, are also powerful CTAs depending on your niche.

Must-have Elements for Your Landing Page

You need a persuasive sub headline

It is the main headline that makes the visitor look and it's your sub headline that makes them stay. Simply put a sub headline as a supporting idea of the offer within your headline. Take the main concept of the headline's offer and add a little persuasiveness to the voice.

Trustworthy, relevant images and color

Images, colors and designs are as important as the way words are crafted within a landing page. Images, colors and hues possess this great power to leave impression to people. This is why choosing the right colors and images are very important when it comes to creating a landing page. Aside from associating colors with your brand, use colors that help supports the message of your landing page’s entirety.

Yellow implies optimism, youthfulness and often grabs a viewer's attention. Orange gives this aggressive aura and is a very useful for call to action buttons. Red creates urgency. Blue create sense of trust and security. Green is often associated with wealth and health and is an easy to the eyes color. Pink is romantic and feminine, mostly use on market product dedicated to female demographic. Purple is soothing, often related to relaxation and beauty product. Black is simply powerful, sleek and sophisticated.

Social proof for trust

For you to achieve your bottom line -- which is making that landing page visitor do the action you hope for – the reader has to trust the “voice” of your landing page. You see, the visitor is only reading the page. They don’t get to talk real time with a person. They only know the “voice” of your landing’ page’s copy. As much as the landing page copy’s voice is trustworthy, professional and relevant, you ace the reader’s trust.

But, social proofs are also very important element of a landing page to support the trustworthiness of your product. A social proof is something that backs your company or product’s credibility. It could be customer’s testimonials, scientific researches, case studies, trust seals from business accreditation or number of people who used your products before. Add social proof to your landing page to increase trustworthiness and credibility of your landing page

Features emphasizing benefits

Include the most important features of your product. Again, a powerful landing page emphasizes what the reader will get from it – that applies for your product’s features. You could say that your Internet security product has the most powerful encryption, but really, what does that mean to your target audience, specially for the non-techy guys?

So instead of just plainly overloading them with information about how amazing your security product is, your ideal feature is what that amazing product does for your customers. Instead of bombarding them with technicalities, you could simply emphasize that they are safe from identity theft, they won’t have to worry about their Internet presence, their network is secure with you and so on.

Contact details visibility

Make your contact detail generally visible in your landing page. Some people prefer to talk directly via phone or through e-mail. If you have a physical location where customers can go to, include a map on your landing page.

Testing until perfection

Now you may not get to create the most perfect landing page on the first attempt. Remember that “perfect” as we define it here is not about design or how majestic the words are in your landing page. It is very important to understand the art of testing your landing page.

Create 2 or 3 variations of your landing page. Since headline and call-to-actions are the most important elements of your landing page, you can create variations of both. Test which among them convert better. If you’re not satisfied with the results, keep testing until you get that perfect landing page.

Our end note:

There is no such thing as a master template to creating the most perfect landing page. There are so many differentiating factors for each company or product. There's a vast variations of audience, intent, angle, niche, approach, value proposition, selling point, so on. You know what we meant.

That is why you focus on perfecting your landing page to make it stands out as to what makes your offer the best. Just remember to carefully craft and include the key elements of a lead-converting landing page.

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