By David Holland

March 3, 2017


How to Retain Top-Notch Sales People to Your Company

So, you have the best salespeople working for you.

Congratulations! You’re one lucky business owner. Top-notch sales reps are hard to find specifically in today’s economy that’s flooded with many underperformers.

These sales reps are treasure-worthy assets. It’s very important that aside from paying them well, they are happy with the environment and you give them the right tools to help ease the challenges on their job.

Rewarding compensations

For the salary, there’s no standard payment format. The wiser choice is to give bigger commission and lower salary. Good salespeople thrive on creating their pay-check and higher commission is something that challenges them the most.

Infusionsoft’s Director of Lead Development, Lou Caporaletti says, “a good rule of thumb for a smaller business is to be heavier on commissions and lower on the salary. Small businesses often have less capital to spend on salaries.” He adds, “I’d be wary of hiring any salesperson who wanted to be paid mainly in salary.”

Keep this in mind if you are hiring salespeople for the first time. Their first days with your company are likely to be about testing the waters. Even though they are good with what they do, you can’t just expect them to go out and sell. It’s important to set realistic goals and workable quotas. Quantify points such as the number of leads to contact in a given time-frame and your sales cycle to analyse reasonable goals.

Give them helpful tools

Though you might have the best salespeople working for you, you want them to be more effective and provide them resources to improve their processes. They love it when they can do their routines more easily. Give them clear guidance, instil the passion you have and offer them tools that will make the job easier.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Infusionsoft allows your sales reps to organize leads and customer data more efficiently. At a fraction of a very reasonable cost, your team will have access to an innovative tool that lets them streamline processes such as follow-ups, lead nurturing, appointments, campaigns, among others. With Infusionsoft, administrative processes such as emailing quotes, sending out proposals and other routinely tasks are streamlined automatically; saving your team valuable time. 

Your sales team will love the innovative power of an automation software like Infusionsoft because they can be more focused on selling instead of doing a lot of other tasks.

If the word “automation” is a red flag to you, fret not. Everything that Infusionsoft can do is personalized according to a customer’s behaviour. Messages, campaigns and follow-ups are only automatically sent out when a customer triggers a certain action.

With this, customer engagement is maximized and you are technically communicating with them at the right time and while they’re still interested. Example situation is when a customer abandons their cart on your online shop. The software then sends an automatic reminder to the customer’s email.

Sending out contents like newsletter, demos, articles, updates, among others can also be automated through an automation software.

Celebrate success, get personal and befriend

When your sales reps are able to meet their quotas, throw out a simple dinner with the team. Give exclusive out-of-town/country trips for the top sellers – may it be annual, semi-annual or quarterly. Invite spouses or close friends to build deeper social connection and influence loyalty and retention.

Show them public recognition for their performance. It does not only inspire the awardee but also aspire the rest of the team.

During team meetings, give kudos to the usual daily top sellers. If you have a time at the end of the day, send a personalized “thank you” email to your best performers for the job done well.

Continue the appreciation and positive vibes

It’s not every day that your sales rep will get the quota no matter how good they are. There will be down times and you just have to be the driving force of the team. Continue instilling the positive outlook, boost the team’s morale and appreciate their hard work.  And of course, walk the walk. Let your team see how dedicated you are for your company.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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