By David Holland

February 20, 2017


How to Sell Like the Ultimate Marketers

Learn How Infusionsoft Helped The Rocket Company Breakthrough 832% Growth

As the 2013 InfusionCon’s Ultimate Marketer, The Rocket Company have since then established effective marketing methods. It’s no secret that they’re using a Lifecycle Marketing framework as their standard go-to process. They pair up this framework with Infusionsoft and as of today, The Rocket Company have over 10 000 partners and the number is continuously growing.

The Rocket Company uses the following Lifecycle Marketing framework: attract interest – capture leads – nurture prospects – convert sales -deliver and satisfy – upsell – get referrals. It’s a very straightforward 7-step process that they follow. The last stages — upsell and referrals- are crucial on their sales and marketing. Both methods have not only helped The Rocket Company bring in better revenue but also increased their customer base.


The Rocket Company developed their own upselling long term strategy to generate additional revenue and recurring customers overtime. By using Infusionsoft’s automation power, they are able to bring in more clients to their business. You can do it for your business too.

Just keep in mind that you cannot just upsell anything randomly to anyone. It doesn’t work that way. Upsell suggestions have to be related to the customer’s current purchase. Infusionsoft lets you tag your customers purchase history so it’s easier to tailor contents and offers specifically for upsell.  One-click upsell is a powerful feature of Infusionsoft. Necessary products are integrated with the upsell product and automatic upsell suggestion is triggered based on a customer’s behaviour.

As long as you are not too pushy and your suggestion are relevant to the customer’s current purchase, it wouldn’t hurt to upsell.  Remember this when upselling you don’t assume that your customers know about every product you offer. They need to be told outright. Continue the processes through sequenced upsell follow-up reminders.


Referrals are pots of golds. Gain exponential brand exposure and more sales through partner relationships. 

More than 80% of customers say they are likely to buy a product when it’s recommended by someone they know of than those that they see on ads. With this, you must create your own referral program.

Infusionsoft have tools that let you gather information from customers who are likely to refer you. These are:

  • customers that have positive feedback
  • have done repeat purchases
  • those that praise you on your social pages

As Infusionsoft is also equipped with analytics and report dashboards that lets you track data, you get a 360-degree view of your referral programs efficacy. You will be able to track referral sources and how much you spent on your referral campaigns or calculate commission pay-outs. Tired structure such as multi-level marketing can also be done through Infusionsoft.

Get started now

From the first stages of the Lifecycle Marketing (attract, capture and nurture) even to the buying cycle (convert, deliver, upsell and referrals), Infusionsoft can help you on these through automation. And because of its intelligent processes, you won’t be compromising the essence of human-to-human reach while everything is done with ease. 

Overall, Infusionsoft works to simplify business processes, automatically nurture relationships among clients without compromising personal touch and accelerate sales. With thousands of successful businesses just like The Rocket Company using Infusionsoft, this software is surely doing things right.

As Infusionsoft happens to be a vast ecosystem of useful marketing and selling tool, it might take a while to master it. But it pays off more than you expected. To accelerate your way to success with Infusionsoft, hire an expert who can guide you through everything you wanted to know about this software.

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