By David Holland

September 21, 2016


Have you ever attended a conference or trade show and returned with hundreds of business cards and then either:

● Painstakingly entered the contacts details by hand into Infusionsoft, taking valuable time out of your day


● Thrown them in the bin, as you just don’t have the time to input the details

If you can relate to the problems above, then you need to try the SNAP app by Infusionsoft.If you collect people’s details by Business Card, this app can save you a lot of time and effort and it’s available for iPhone and Android (in their stores) and it’s FREE.

What does it do?

Well simply put, you take a photograph (using SNAP) of a business card using your phone. The business card then gets processed and sometime later (not that long normally) it comes back to the app and all the information on the card has been stripped out ready to be auto-magically put into your Infusionsoft app!

So why use it?

Well I don’t know about you, but sitting down at the end of a conference day and transferring all the business cards of everyone you meet into Infusionsoft is a bit laborious to say the least.

You can ALSO tag your contacts as they move from SNAP into your app.

Yes, I did just say TAG.

Yes, you can start campaigns with tags. Ah ha, I think you have seen the light already, but just to be obvious… have a campaign sitting inside Infusionsoft that sends out ‘great to meet you’ and nurture about yourself before they get back to the office, or delay it slightly, up to you!

Now if you add in the use of campaign merge fields then you can use the same campaign each time, just changing the conference location, name and date, having a personalised campaign that puts you back into the forefront of the prospects mind. I’d also have an image of you at your booth (if you have one) so remembering you is even easier!

Now for some reason SNAP doesn’t have a great rating on the stores and I’ll be honest, I don’t know why! I’ve never had any client tell me that they have had a problem. I’ve thrown some horrendous business cards at it (you all know the ones I mean) and they have worked fine. Yes, it will take ‘some’ time for the details to come back ready to be sent to your Infusionsoft app but not as much time and effort as it takes to input the thing yourself!

For the 10 minutes it takes to install and create a quick Infusionsoft campaign, this is a win!

Download it today and give it a try!

About the author

Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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