By David Holland

June 18, 2021


Every business has needs that must be met. A business is just like a person or any other living being on this planet. It cannot survive without the proper support and care it needs to thrive. One of those necessary supports is software. Software allows businesses to run more smoothly and efficiently than they would if they were doing it all manually. In this post we will discuss four ways software helps you run and grow your business better!

1. Automation

Automations are what make businesses more efficient. They allow for taking on more customers or projects without the need to hire any additional employees, which saves both time and money! 

If an employee only has two hours each day to manage all incoming email correspondence, how much are they really able or willing to do? Short answer – not enough! And this is where we come in with the automation side of things. We know how important communication is and our software takes care of everything else so that team members can keep their heads down on more meaningful tasks.

It's crucial that your business is able to grow with you as it grows – automations help this happen seamlessly. The last thing you want is a fast-growing company hitting its max capacity before they're ready! With automation software, this will never be an issue because of how easy it can grow organically in tandem with your growing needs. 

We may be years away from artificial intelligence on par with GLaDOS or Skynet. However, software has the ability to automate menial tasks so that humans can focus on more important things. Automations save time! It's no secret that the average business owner has a lot on their plate. Automating tedious tasks like database management means you can spend your valuable hours focusing instead on what will directly impact your bottom line most.

To ensure that your business can successfully grow as it grows – automation software helps this happen seamlessly by making it simple to scale with the company's needs. Salesforce, IFTTT, Zapier and Zoho are just some of the many types of automation software out there which easily allow you to take care of these tasks at an affordable cost (or even free!).

2. Modern software has revolutionized the way we communicate

Communication is key in any business . But if you're not taking advantage of modern software, it's like trying to drive a car without pedals. It just isn't going to work - and your business will suffer immensely for it.

It's no longer just about email, voice and chat. Today, you can get notifications on your phone or tablet of any new activity in the system, as well as collaborating with colleagues more efficiently through video conferencing.

Slack is an effective industrial communication tool developed by a company that was creating an online game. The platform offers many features, such as group chat rooms organized in private groups and through topics. It's used by so many businesses around the world due to it's software implementations and ease of use. One of the central benefits of this tool is it consolidates all your company’s communication onto a single platform.

VoIP services like RingBlaze make it easier for business owners to coordinate with others online while eliminating the need to use international access numbers. Not all communication in business is through text. With Slack, you can also send pictures and videos to your colleagues. You can also use VOIP.

Another thing that has been recently gaining popularity is video conferencing and live seminars. It doesn’t matter how big or small a company is because this software will allow them to share and discuss their ideas. Businesses are using browser-based webinar platforms to create online seminars to share industry-specific knowledge to professionals in the same industry.


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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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