By David Holland

July 6, 2016


How To Split Test Your Emails In Infusionsoft

Split testing, as I’m sure you are aware, is a method of testing two different types of marketing to the same audience in a 50/50 split to understand which method of marketing is creating the best results.

In Infusionsoft, you may want to test your email’s open rates based on a subject line, open rates based on send time, or your click through rates based on content.

What I am going to teach you is how to effectively split your contact list as best as we can into two halves so you can test a slightly different campaign against each half of your contact list to see which performs better.

Step One: Creating The A + B Tags

From your dashboard, select your main nav and go to Settings under CRM. In the left column, navigate to Tags and then select Add Tag.

You can either add the tags one by one or both at the same time using comma separation. We named ours ‘A Tag Split Test’ and ‘B Tag Split Test’.

Step Two: Creating the A + B Action Sets

Now navigate back to your main nav and select Settings under Marketing. In the left column select Action Sets and add an Action Set. Add an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ action set. We named ours ‘A Split Test Action’.

Under Actions select ‘Apply/Remove Tag’ from the drop-down box. For the ‘A’ action set select the ‘A’ tag you’ve just created.

Now check the box that says ‘Only run this action when certain rules are met’ and select ‘Add’ underneath.

Choose a name for your new rule, we chose ‘A Split Test Rule’ and create.

Under ‘Rule is true when’ select ‘Any’ of the criteria are true.

Now create a criteria. We are going to select contacts by first letter of first name and select every other letter in the alphabet. This solution is the best way to get the closest to a true 50/50 split.

Select ‘Contact – general information’ and then ‘First Name’. Select Criteria: ‘Starts With’ and enter the letter A. Repeat this for the letter C, G, E and so on for the entire alphabet. Then save and close.

Once you have returned back to your Action Set window select save. Now your first action set and split test rule is ready.

Repeat Step two for Tag ‘B’ using the Action Set first name criteria as all the remaining letters in the alphabet – B, D, F, H and so on.

Step Three: Applying This Rule To Existing Contacts

On the main nav, navigate to Contacts under CRM. Either select all of your contacts or just the the group of contacts you wish to split test with.

Now select Actions and ‘Apply/Remove Tag’. Select your ‘A’ tag and tick ‘Only run this action when certain rules are met’. Select your ‘A’ split test rule and save. Repeat this for your ‘B’ tag and B split test rule.

You’ve done it! Now just send your emails to the contacts with the separate tags. Happy split testing!

To find out how to add new contacts to your split tests, stay tuned to our blog. We recommend you enter your email address on the blog homepage to make sure you never miss the latest FREE Infusionsoft tips and tricks to get you ahead.

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