By David Holland

December 8, 2016


Spruce Up Your Holiday Campaigns with Less Effort and More Efficiency

Bring in More Customers and Revenue to Your Business this Yuletide Season

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” or so they say until you realize the demand this season has on for your business. Nothing is going to stop those last-minute shoppers, Cyber Monday fanatics and you probably noticed, everyone’s excited since Thanksgiving. For your business, these are the days to embrace, prepare and make the most of the days to sell, sell and sell.

Although December sounds like a craaaaaazy month, it also offers you an opportunity to grow your business — almost in a jiffy. It’s the time of the year when people are willing and looking forward to spend their money. So, you SELL.

There’s so much that you and your marketing team must do. From planning campaigns to choosing the Holiday specials, designing those holiday-themed promos, writing the best greeting for your new customers and sending out those Christmas coupons – yes, everything can be turned into complete chaos when you think about it.

But, there are ways to handle the Yuletide season marketing dramas. You just have to simplify processes and make use of technology to ease out all redundant tasks, launch campaigns quickly, keep track of a campaign’s progress and monitor revenue.

Remember, these campaigns run in a concentrated and limited period of time. You only have until the first week of January. (Marketing researches suggest that from the last week of November to the first week of January, consumers are likely to make purchases due to the demand of the season).

Do you know that with a Customer Relationship Management software, an email marketing system, and an automation system you can have your holiday campaigns operated with ease, efficacy, and speed? Luckily, all three marketing technologies are in Infusionsoft. Basically, you are centralizing everything in your campaign using one system. Infusionsoft lets you do everything from building a fresh customers’ list for the Holiday to sending Christmas special offers to existing clients and even measure return of investment.

To effectively use CRM and automation tools like Infusionsoft, you must create a solid plan. First, determine your end goal. When the first or second week of January comes, what is it that you want to see in your metrics when it comes to return of investment, engagement, and customer growth? Would you like to bring in new customers, grow your number of subscribers or something else?

Your goals should be time-bound, measurable, attainable, and of course, realistic. So, if you want to have a $20 000 revenue by the second week of January, then that is your end-goal.

Once the goal is determined, then you need to define who your target audiences are and the campaigns you are planning to send out. So, you do psychographic and demographic segmentation by sorting out your database using Infusionsoft. By segmenting with Infusionsoft, you can analyze what your target audience wants to buy this holiday season. Using a technology like this, you are on to better decision making before your campaigns are launched.

After segmenting, have those outstanding offers as the center of your campaign. Build offers that make sense to your audience. Through Infusionsoft’s innovative metric dashboards, measure which offers perform best and which don’t so you can know which to promote most before January comes.

Creating discounted promos is also made easy with Infusionsoft. Think of how much you should discount your products and which product should you discount. That budget shouldn’t only be dedicated to your customers but also to the budget scope.

This Holiday season, nurture fresh leads and get them to the buying cycle quicker by offering free shipping, discount coupons and referrals discounts. There’s so many things that you can do with ease when you use a CRM and automation tool system like Infusionsoft. The software practically helps ease all the holiday marketing dilemmas. Best part is you only have to spend a fraction of a cost compared to buying a lot of other marketing and metric software for a powerful tool like this.

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