By David Holland

January 13, 2017


The Stunning Benefits Your Small Business is Missing by Not Using or Mastering Infusionsoft

Let One Innovative Software Centralize Your Business Operation and Accelerate Your Way to Growth this 2017

It’s 2017 and there are so many days ahead waiting for your business to conquer. Have you been using Infusionsoft already? This software can do far beyond what it looks like on its aesthetic and so much more than what it proposes. When you become the master of this innovative tool, you will see it is a necessity you couldn’t go without at any given day of the year.

Twelve thousand businesses and counting, Infusionsoft brags its efficiency as an automation, e-mail marketing and customer relationship management software. There are many essential benefits this tool offers to small business owners like yourself

Automate -- in the most HUMANLY SENSE

The word “automation” may frighten you because after all, what type of customers would love to talk to robots and automated messages?

It’s the digital era. Your potential customers are smarter. They want to feel connected and silently, they demand for you to provide them messages that resonate to their very needs. Automation with Infusionsoft is made humanized, with innovative features that let you automate in ways that connect to your audience. For example, when a birthday coupon is automatically sent to your customer, Infusionsoft can make that coupon specifically dedicated to that customer and not just another birthday coupon.

And because processes are automated, consistency is there -- that means timely communication, campaigns and operations. Metrics provided by Infusionsoft allows you to understand your customers' pain points, making it easier to craft solutions specifically for them.

Nurture relationship with customers like never before

Customers are different from one another so they shouldn’t be treated like a generic crowd. The good thing about Infusionsoft is that it lets you nurture relationships and speak to customers according to their needs. Data collected based on customer behaviour is scored, so interactions are personalized according to the buyer's journey.

Since lead nurturing is automated, you save time, reduce (or even eliminate) possibilities of manual errors and get trackable results that you can use for conversion analysis.

Powerful follow-ups without all the chaos and repetitive tasks

Research suggests that follow-ups can increase sales for up to 80%. Here’s a quick statistic on follow-ups:

  • Only 2% of sales are made the first time a customer finds a provider,
  • 3% on the second follow-up,
  • 5% on the 3rd follow-up,
  • 10% on the 4th follow-up and,
  • 80% are made on the 5th-12th contact.

These figures essentially mean that follow-up is a key to growing your sales. Your follow-ups should be consistent, timely and targeted. Infusionsoft is built with intelligent follow-up features that are triggered according to a customer’s behaviour; sending him to a sequenced journey of follow-ups and nurturing until he finally gets to buy your product.

For a small business, even a hundred customers are hard to keep up. Larger numbers are even harder and messier to follow-up with. Infusionsoft can ease all the chaos of follow-ups for you.

Minimize routine tasks

Boring office tasks are mostly those that are done on daily or regular bases. Your staffs are just so used to routines that they think it’s blunt, lifeless and are not challenging to work on. Automate welcome emails, price lists, policies, surveys, questionnaires, among others.

Infusionsoft is dedicated to help small businesses to grow, scale in the most efficient way and automatically do routine tasks that slow down your operations. You minimize routinely workload.

Market and sell like the expert that you are

Spend less time on creating your marketing materials and actually sell your products, without having to go through many more marketing mistakes. Keep track of your customers, tasks and even your organization in one place. Lead nurturing and even after-sale processes are also automated. Basically, you can close sales way faster than ever.

Infusionsoft proficiency is a must

So, you decided to have Infusionsoft as a part of your company’s operational and marketing tool. But does it end there? Definitely not!

Having it is the first way to success, but it is mastering this tool that brings in benefits to your company. Just like any other tools, your road to proficiency with Infusionsoft may be slow if you were to do it on your own. Ask guidance from an Infusionsoft consultant to help you kick start using this tool and strategize campaigns specifically for your small business.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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