Successful Follow-up on Your Sales Letter

Successful Follow-up on Your Sales Letter

Follow-up is an art on its own. Your accounting firm might have brought in some clients from sales letters before but do you know that with strategic follow-up, you can bring more? Trust me. For this month, you would rather start a cadence of follow-ups than blasting a fresh new batch of sales letters.

In average, it takes more than 5 follow ups before you can bring a prospect to the buying cycle. Yet, about 50% of salespeople out there give up after the first follow-up. Surely, there are huge opportunities slipping through cracks.

You probably already know the basics of follow-up. Your reader doesn’t have match time so your messages should be brief, straightforward and interesting. It should clearly indicate the next steps and provide a clear call-to-action button. Of course, your messages have to be timely and must be delivered ASAP.

Develop your own chain of sequenced follow ups

Whether you are prospecting to ten leads or to a massive database, you should have your own chain of follow-up sequences ready. This way, you can send timely responses even during your hectic schedule on your accounting firm.

With the help of an automation software like Infusionsoft, you can pre-template responses and load them up to your dashboard. When the reader takes a certain action, an automated follow-up is sent immediately. The message is targeted and personalized. This way, follow-ups are timely and messages are dedicated according to your prospective client’s journey with your accounting firm.

Before giving up, send out a breakup email

A software like Infusionsoft lets you segment leads so you can sort out which leads are interested and which are not. For leads that gone to cold, you might conclude that it’s about time to end up the efforts. Afterall, you don’t want to continue sending out follow-ups when they don’t care. Segment these leads accordingly.

Your last resort for cold leads is a “break up” followup. This follow-up is still about the prospect and that you’re reaching out to help their business. It doesn’t have to be flowery or overly dramatic. It simply has to be brief and straightforward telling them it’s the last time they hear from you.

In the end, give them a way to get keep in touch.  

Automate so you don’t miss a thing

Through automation you simplify your processes while you keep track of everything. A software like Infusionsoft lets you see important data such as how many read your email, how many ignored it, among other important numbers, so you can improve your future sales letters and follow up campaigns. As an automation, e-mail marketing and Customer Relationship Management system, Infusionsoft lets you follow up pleasantly without being too annoying.

Know that the most effective and crucial part of the process is you. You should be able to demonstrate knowledge and deep understanding as an accounting firm. Your follow-up shouldn’t be limited to e-mails and software. Create your own multi-dimensional strategy to optimize success and let an automation software help you streamline your processes.

Overall Infusionsoft improves conversion, saves time and increases your bottom line.


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