By David Holland

November 4, 2019


The problem with Mailchimp

Why ambition business owners are ‘trading up’ their email marketing software…

If you’re a Mailchimp user and you’re reading this article, then you’ve either already discovered the problem with Mailchimp and you’re looking for a solution, or you’re eager to understand what potential problems there might be with the software.

But first, an introduction:

What is Mailchimp and what is it good for?

As you probably know, Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing systems in the world.

And for good reason, for pure email marketing, it really does do its job very well.

Not only is it free to get started and send your first email, but when you’re starting up in business, the chances are your database will remain relatively small, and consequently, Mailchimp remains an inexpensive option, up until the point when you house more than 2,000 contacts in it.

Email broadcasts is where Mailchimp comes into its own, with ‘autoresponders’ also built into the offering.

The email broadcast function makes it pretty easy for you to send one-off emails to groups of people within your database,  while the autoresponder function allows you to capture prospects’ data through a Mailchimp form, and automatically send them a few emails after they’ve ‘opted in’.

Once you’ve used Mailchimp for a while, and you’ve done some marketing, you’ll likely be in a position where you’ve got a list or series of lists of email addresses that you can send emails to.

The long and short of it is this: Mailchimp is a good email tool.  But that’s where it ends.

Where most businesses come unstuck: the danger of using Mailchimp for all your marketing.

As we’ve established, when it comes to sending emails, Mailchimp has pretty much all of the boxes ticked.

But that’s where its usefulness ends.

What we tend to find is that business owners and marketers start off with Mailchimp because of its ease of use and email functionality, but then grow to a size where they need more marketing capability from their “CRM” than Mailchimp allows.

And - in true square peg round hole - style, they’ll soldier on, trying to get it to do things that it just isn’t designed to do.

It’s when you go beyond just sending emails that you realise that Mailchimp really isn’t a marketing all-rounder:

Yes, it’s got opt-in forms, but it doesn’t have a proper landing page builder, which necessitates purchasing another tool to help you collect prospects’ data.

Yes, you can send content in your emails, but if you want to send your prospects anywhere else, you’ll either have to buy another tool or get your web company to build pages for you, at considerable expense.

Yes, you can pique interest in your product or service, but Mailchimp doesn’t provide you with the functionality to dynamically communicate with each prospect on a personal level, understanding where they are in the customer journey and providing the correct communication as a result.

Here’s the thing: as soon as you press send, Mailchimp has hit its ceiling.

The reality is that almost all marketing is with the purpose of creating a sales conversation and then selling to the prospect.

But as soon as you’ve hit the send button, Mailchimp plays no other useful part in that process.

It doesn’t help you book meetings or telephone calls, it doesn’t put your prospects into a specific multi-media campaign.

It doesn’t help you take the money when you’ve sold something, or send invoices to collect money.

And, in conversations with lots of Mailchimp users over the years, one of the biggest concerns is the lack of support.

With Mailchimp, you really are on your own to figure out the software, how to design emails, which campaigns you need and how to get forms on your web pages.

There’s no support on this front, aside from a few unofficial Facebook groups. If you only want to send emails, and you don’t need any support, then you’ll probably be okay.

But what if you want and need more?

Mailchimp sends emails.  That’s great.  But where can you get the rest of what you need?

Emails are important.  Of course they are.  But are they the be-all and end-all?

Not by a long chalk.

When you think through every element of your customer journey, what’s clear is that email broadcasts are not the only thing that drives a business forward.

There are a number of different puzzle pieces that turn a prospect into a customer, and a customer into a raving fan, and although Mailchimp does a couple, it pales in comparison to other marketing software options out there.

And whilst Mailchimp is a great place to start, most serious business owners realise at some point in their journey that it is just too limiting to really allow them to do the things they need to succeed and meet their goals.

When Mailchimp users come to us and ask what the next step after Mailchimp is, our answer is a simple one:

Keap® Pro.

Keap® Pro is the natural next step for Mailchimp users who need more from their marketing software - it does everything that Mailchimp can do, plus A LOT more:

Send broadcast emails

With Keap® Pro, you can create beautiful, attractive and personal emails.

Build landing pages

Unlike Mailchimp, Keap® Pro allows you to create landing pages that you can drive email traffic to, as well as traffic from other sources, like Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

The landing page builder is incredibly easy to use, which means that even if you’re no designer, you’ll be able to create attractive landing pages in a matter of minutes.

Follow up with prospects and create tasks for your team

Keap® Pro is designed to help you maximise the value of every single lead, which is why it features a powerful follow-up automation engine that can send follow-up emails, segment contacts and send them bespoke communication and create tasks for your team to complete, all based on the contact’s behaviour.

Book in appointments

With Keap® Pro, it couldn’t be easier for your prospects to book in for telephone calls or sales meetings.  Via a built-in scheduler,  prospects can book right into your diary, which’ll sync with whatever online calendar you use to organise your time.

See detailed contact information at the click of a button

Because of its advanced ‘Smart Client Management’ system, Keap® Pro will give you total visibility on every single one of your contacts, detailing all of their actions, from products bought through to which emails they opened and which member of staff did their welcome call.

Track your leads from first contact to purchase and beyond

Its simple to use sales pipeline gives you complete visibility on all of your leads and what stage they are at the process, as well as ensuring that your sales team are doing what’s required to drive those leads over line and that your customer service team are onboarding every client effectively.

Send quotes and invoices and get paid.

Quotes can be created in a matter of seconds, and once accepted, you can just click a button to raise an invoice, and even collect payments through Keap® Pro.

Is Keap® Pro for you?

Is Keap® Pro for you?

In short, if you use Mailchimp and you’d like to do more than just send emails, Keap® Pro will be a big upgrade, without a significant increase in price.

When you come on board as a Keap® Pro user, you’ll pay a similar monthly subscription to Mailchimp, whilst also accessing scores of additional features that will save you money, reduce admin and create more time in your business.

With better, more organised marketing, your customer acquisition process will end up being unrecognisable.

- Your emails will be attractive, personalised and bespoke to your prospects’ interests

- Your follow-up will be consistent, specific and comprehensive

- Your customer and prospect communications will be highly organised, systemised and based on real data, as opposed to guesswork.

- Your software bills will be reduced, since Keap® Pro allows you to do everything in one simple-to-use tool.

What happens when you get more consistent and more effective and systemised marketing out into the world?

More leads.  Better leads.  More qualified prospects.  More sales.  Better customers.

Less stress.  Less kneejerk marketing when business is slow. 

A steady flow of qualified prospects is a business owners holy grail, and with Keap® Pro, it’s not pie in the sky - it’s highly achievable, at a highly affordable price.

Keap® Pro will improve your business, your marketing and your sales, giving you less stress and time back to spend growing your business.

How much does Keap® Pro cost?

Keap® Pro is an investment of just £79 a month, which is comparable to most email marketing tools out there - you really are getting a lot of functionality for that price.

But since you’re reading this, you qualify for our ‘Mailchimp Migration’ offer.

For a limited time only, here’s what you can benefit from:

50% off for your first three months - for your first three months as a Keap® Pro user, you’ll pay just half of your subscription fee, meaning that by the time you pay full price, you’ll be making it pay for you.

Free migration service - you might not be the techiest person in the world, but you don’t need to worry about how you transition over from Mailchimp.  Our expert technicians will take care of that, moving over all live autoresponder sequences from Mailchimp to your new Keap® Pro applications, as well as all your contacts.

Keap® Pro Kick Start for just £1 - our award-winning Kick Start training comprises of three 1-hour screen share calls with a member of the team, helping you to set up Keap® Pro, get to grips with it and quickly start leveraging the software.  Usually an investment of £225 + VAT, you’ll get your Kick Start for just £1.

30 days of EXELA Assistance Programme FREE - Our Assistance programme is designed to help you to get the very best out of the software, providing you with unlimited live training tickets and unlimited email support, as well as 50% discounts on specific coaching and technical work.  Usually an investment of £25, your first month will be absolutely free.  After your first 30 days, you’ll simply pay £25 a month, which you can cancel anytime.

As you can see, when you take action on our Mailchimp Migration offer, you’re getting a significant amount of value for very little cost, and as you’ll understand, we can’t offer this promotion forever.

That’s why this offer is dependent on you taking action in the next 48 hours - click the button below to take advantage now.

Remember - if you’re using Mailchimp already, and you know that you need to take your marketing more seriously, Keap® Pro really is the perfect next step - with everything that you can do on Mailchimp included, as well as scores more features and benefits, Keap® Pro is the ideal choice for the business owner or marketer looking to take their communications to the next level.

If that’s you, click the button below and let’s get started now.

If you need to speak with a marketing expert about making the switch to a more powerful tool, please use the button to arrange an online meeting

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