By David Holland

March 6, 2017


Things to Look for in a Sales Person’s Resume

They say you don’t actually get to hire the best salespeople, the best salespeople hire you. That’d be true.

Of course, you don’t want those prima donnas, the lazy reps who sneak into the sleeping lounge when you are not around and you would absolutely despise those who throw in alibis when they couldn’t meet the quota.

It’s a necessity for a company’s survival to have a sales team that delivers. Truth is, the greatest salespeople are rare. Diamond rare, if you may. Knowing what you are actually looking for makes it easier to spot the right ones.

First, know what you can afford

Experienced and outstanding salespeople come with a fancy price tag. Think of them as the Lamborghini in cars and the Hermes in bags. They’re precious and pricey but they are worth it. So, when it comes to hiring your next salesperson, have a realistic budget for the position. Do an analysis of your budget scope to know what you can actually afford.

Some of the best salespeople are willing to work on commission-based salaries but that depends on the commission’s percentage and the type of product. Remember that the best salespeople also evaluate opportunities and risks on the position they are hired for. Because opportunities present itself to these professionals, they have a lot of options and only want to work for companies worth their skills.

What you are looking for in a resume

Go beyond the educational background and other fancy details. What you are looking for is the person’s ability to SELL a product.

The bit of a show off

The ambition of a potentially good salesperson is not centric to himself. Their outlooks should be able to portray not only for his personal career but also to excel as a service to your company. They boast the numbers of sales they made to companies they worked for. They show they are competitive and they want you to know about it by demonstrating their ability through the numbers of sales they made. Their resume should include awards for such achievements, big companies they worked for and abilities to win customer retention objectives.

Expanded territories of expertise

A great salesperson may highlight his selling skills but also should be able to demonstrate expertise in other territories of strengths.  Communication, organizational skills and time-management are a few of the must-have skills for the best hire.

Potentially, the right salespeople are not just all about selling but they also know how to use technology and tools. Fluency to using automation sales and marketing tools like Infusionsoft is a great plus for a salesperson. It means he can handle his job well and knows his ways to accelerate his processes. Ideally, that salesperson has a list of extra skills useful for your company.

The “people” skills

The art of selling is not only about what the product is made of. Most of the time, it’s about the salesperson’s ability to communicate with a consumer in human-to-human ways.

Your prospective hire’s resume should include experiences in working with people such as coaching, mentoring, leadership in certain organizations, among others. Problem-solving skills are also important in the aspect of customer service.

Keen attention to details

The best hire is not the one that keeps nodding his head during the interview. He should have a lot of questions about you, your goals, your company, the products and what you are trying achieve.

When you talk to him, he has sound knowledgeable of your industry in general. He has strong knowledge of what’s going on in the market, including the competition. He is one step ahead of the game. At the end of the interview, that person should show enthusiasm and excitement.

Always use the right tools early on

Running an organization may tempt you to just use spreadsheets and forget about investing in technology. It’s not just ineffective but also hinders your sales team’s productivity. The wise move is to have a sales management tool.

An innovative tool like Infusionsoft does not only help sales and marketing processes but also makes your team more effective on what they do. With innovative reporting dashboard, Infusionsoft lets you evaluate how your sales are doing, see which sales rep is on the leader-board, analyse the products that sell best, just to name a few important metrics useful to your company.

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Nice bloke with practical ideas. Former Procter & Gamble, Kraft and IBM sales and marketing executive. Became a business owner 20 years ago. Started multiple businesses including EXELA which is the most successful Keap® & Infusionsoft™ reseller in the EMEA region.

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