By David Holland

August 10, 2016


My Three Thoughts from the Weekend

Normally when I write these, it is all about something inside Infusionsoft, sorry but today it isn’t! Over the weekend there have been three things happen, each of which I feel are fantastic and needed some reflection.

The first was England winning the test match at Edgbaston. If you had asked me at the end of day one, I would have said that we would be lucky to draw, by the end of day two I thought it all over. Now I know we have a talented team, I know they are gelling as a unit, but when you are in the position they were in, I didn’t see us getting it back.

How wrong was I! Not only did they bring it back, the entire team played their part and really performed well as a unit. There were some players that really shined (player of the match Moeen Ali, the beard that’s feared, one of my clubs’ players, was exceptional), but it was just the guts, overall determination and the sense of purpose that the team came out with that really impressed me.

The second thing that really impressed me was Adam Peaty, our newest Gold Medal winner in the pool. The fact that he broke his own World Record twice (once in his heat by nearly half a second and then again in the final) is impressive enough, but the fact that as a child he was scared of the water; If that’s not a determination to overcome I don’t know what is!

The final thing that resonated with me over the weekend was Robot Wars (BBC2 8pm on Sundays). For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is where robots armed with spinning blades of doom (some doing 4000RPM!), flamethrowers, crushers and flippers fight it out to see which is the strongest robot. Some of these are built by University teams, some in a back yard shed. If you want to see what one of the rounds looks like, this is a good example.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point, one of the robots entered this week (week 3) was called Overdozer. Now I’m going to be nice to the guys that built this, it is the first robot they have ever built and they did it in 5 days (this is going against some machines that cost over £20,000 and have taken years too perfect). However, they made the shell out of wood.

They lasted 23 seconds (and that’s being generous) and there wasn’t exactly anything left of it. One of the flipper based robots (who eventually won the week) launched the shell about 15 foot into the air, after another robot had rammed it in the side springing it lose.

What summed it up for me was one of the experts, Dr Lucy Rogers, who basically said (and this is paraphrasing really badly), ‘If you don’t choose the right material for the job, expect the worst’. Made me think, do I always choose the right tool, or is there a better choice out there? Yes, it might be more expensive, but if the pay-off is better in the long-run then that’s the correct decision!

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