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February 20, 2017


From Leads to Loyal Customers: How to Realistically Accelerate Sales

The Rocket Company’s Strategy to Successful Marketing with Infusionsoft

The Rocket Company is the 2013 InfusionCon’s winner of the Ultimate Marketer Award. Using Infusionsoft for every stage of their Lifecycle Marketing, The Rocket Company have concluded to an astounding 832% growth. Loyal Customers are the key. 

The Rocket Company uses a 7-stage Lifecycle Marketing for their business which works as follows:

  1. Attracting people’s interest
  2. Capturing leads information
  3. Nurturing prospective future customers
  4. Converting them into customers
  5. Delivering the promise
  6. Upselling and;
  7. Building powerful referral programs

The first stage which is to attract people’s attention is a crucial part. The Rocket Company use free offers to get people to sign up to their mailing list. With a powerful marketing strategy and using Infusionsoft lead capture forms, The Rocket Company is now a proud partner of over 10 000 churches.

As only 2% of first time website visitor purchase the first heard or know about a business, nurturing and strategic follow-ups should be important part of the Lifecycle Marketing.

Customer experience and Infusionsoft

It’s the age of customers and no matter what, they will demand for what they deserve. These are the days when customer experience is put forward above all. As your business begins to grow and as you watch that customer base bloom, it gets harder to keep up with each of them.

From the moment you get a person’s contact information, may he be a fresh lead or a new customer, continuous nurturing is important to keep him engaged and interested in your brand.

With Infusionsoft, you can map out automated, targeted and personalized messages for your customers’ key journeys from the time they discover your company or brand until they are already in the buying cycle. With this you are able to provide better customer experience even if you are away from your business.

Using Infusionsoft, you are able to align your marketing messages appropriately and messages are consistent across channels. Here are some other ways to improve customer experience:

  • Understand your customer’s emotions through trends by using Infusionsoft to analyse their behaviour. Their opinions on your social media pages, call centres and those emails you receive are also replicas of how they look at you as a provider
  • Take into consideration about customers point of view to create relevant and trustworthy processes for your business. Act on those customer feedback to increase satisfaction and build more loyal customers.
  • Design your very own Lifecycle Marketing and put customer experience as a part of every stage. Carefully design and thoughtfully plan your Lifecycle Marketing to deliver the right customer experience every time.
  • Understand more of your future customers by looking into your current customers. You will see which part your company does well and which you can improve. By using Infusionsoft, you are able to collect data useful for understanding more of your customers.
  • Do giveaway on special holidays and on their birthdays. If you have hundreds of customers, Infusionsoft would come handy as it also automates reminders and you can send out pre-templated greetings to your customers on special days.

Selling at the right time, every time

Imagine this. You are in a mall and wanting to buy a certain watch as a gift for yourself on your birthday. As you get into the watch section, random sales ladies from different brands rush to sell their offers to you.

For you it’s overwhelming and probably annoying. You might want to shop around first and have your own choice. For short, the moment those sales ready approached you, it wasn’t the right time to be bombarded with offers.

The same principle applies with customer experience.

Customers have different journeys. A few may be ready to buy the first time they heard about you, some need to contemplate and some need an extra push to convince them that your product is worth their money.

At whatever stage in the Lifecycle Marketing, your customer should feel that your brand is trustworthy and credible. You don’t want to sell prematurely or be pushy when the customer is not yet ready to buy.

With Infusionsoft, every stage of a customer’s journey with your company is taken into consideration. Automated messages are sent only when a person triggers certain behaviour. For example, you can revive abandoned carts as Infusionsoft send automated reminders to customer’s email.

By using Infusionsoft, you are not just optimizing customer experience through automation but you are also creating engagement. You are technically selling at the right time, every time.

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