By David Holland

August 17, 2016


Turn Your Web Form Into a Lead-generating Machine

Infusionsoft’s web form, for many digital marketers, is that one tool that starts the online marketing process. Capturing qualified leads is made easier with Infusionsoft; no fuss, straightforward and easy to customized fields that make lead capturing more effective.

It is also integrated with the rest of Infusionsoft’s wide range of automated e-mail marketing tools. There is a simple drag-and-drop functionality, very easy to configure and practically, anyone who knows how to use a browser can create their own web forms via Infusionsoft.

Lead Generation through Web Forms

When it comes to creating web forms, one size does not fit all. Here some pointers that you can make use of to building an effective form.

Know whom it is for

With this, you will be able to analyze the data you needed from them. Only ask for details that are most critical to your marketing agendas. It could be basic “must-haves” such as their city, the company, their contact information. The basic information will let you learn more about your target audience who will soon receive those automated emails.

Value proposition

Be straightforward on your offer. Put on your snippet a straightforward detail about the benefits of signing up on your form. What’s in it for them and why would they give you their information.

Include a Contact Number

It could be placed at a special block in your web form or as a part of your header or banner of your website. Although a contact information may counteracts the use of web form itself, a contact number increases trust and credibility. If they don't call, the presence of your phone number bring some kind of comfort knowing that the business really does exist.

Make that web form accessible

Flaunt your form on every web page in your site that is relevant to the offer proposed on your web form. Doing so increases viable leads. It allows them to know that you are offering something to them and that the way to get it is through your web form.

However, remember one thing: although you want your form to be visible around the necessary pages, you don’t want to disturb your site visitors. So keep your web form minimal but catchy. Design-wise, the form should be minimal, yet catchy to the eyes, with colors that incorporate your branding and fonts that are easy to the eyes.

Use a Powerful Call to Action button

A strong call to action is a necessity for every web form that wants to fulfill its task of becoming a lead-generating machine. That little button has to create that curiosity and desire for your website visitor to sign up the form.

An ideal CTA is short and contains the very benefit the website user will get the moment they signed up the form. Persuasiveness is a key but the offer should be kept as realistic as it should be.

For instance, if a form is used to offer a website visitor a free credit report, then your call to action could be a simple “Get Your Free Credit Report”

It’s also very important to keep in mind that people are very careful of giving out their identity online. With this, create block of fine texts of disclaimer below your Call to Action button stating that their information are not to be use anywhere else.

Once all is set up, do not forget to test

Testing your web form is a part of making sure things are working as you expected them to be. Now testing does not stop there. This is when A/B testing is important.

Create 2 or 3 versions of your web form and see which among them work best. It could be that one web form has an added image and the other is plain text and a persuasive Call to Action. You could also test variations of form headlines or Call-to-Actions. That one form that stands out is what you could make use of for the rest of your campaign.

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