Your Ultimate DON’T List for Welcome Emails

Your Ultimate DON’T List for Welcome Emails

You’ve learned from our previous article the essentials and basics of how to strategically plan your welcome emails. By the way, congratulations on having those fresh new faces aboard in your business.

It’s exciting to have these people willing to give their information just to hear from you, right? NOW is definitely the time to create a stunning welcome email for them. Here are the most common red flags to avoid the pitfalls of being ignored or un-subscribed from. Trust us, these mistakes have been done over and over again so we’re here to save you from any heartache.

Don’t: Over-do your subject line

You already know the huge part that a subject line plays in welcome emails and on email marketing in general. While it’s very important to create a catchy subject line, it does not necessarily mean you overdo it. A common mistake among marketers is when they exaggerate their email subject line.

Calm down. It’s a welcome email. Just be gentle, straightforward and give them a hint that it’s a welcome email from their subscription. Don’t use special characters. Avoid capital letters. Be brief. Arouse curiosity and convey a sense of urgency.

Don’t: Make false promises

Keep in mind that the purpose of your welcome email is to let people know what to expect in the future from you. So, make sure to set realistic expectations as to what types of messages they will receive from you in the future.

Don’t: Neglect privacy

Tell them you value privacy and their information won’t be shared with other providers. This disclaimer could be written in fine print on the footer area of your welcome email. It gives the reader security that their information is in good hands.

Don’t: Be hesitant to get personal

Personalization is the key to higher conversion among email marketing campaigns.  But be mindful. Studies show that emails with the reader’s name in the subject line is likely to be ignored and tagged as spam!

Why so? It’s simply because this type of email structure has been redundantly use by hundreds of marketers out there. It’s the same lifeless cliché that doesn’t work. If you want to get a better grip of personalization, you can address the reader on the letter body.

Don’t: Treat them like numbers

Avoid making the robot-sounded, hello customer#123456 greeting! Nobody wants to be treated like numbers.  With automation though, you have to send welcome emails in bulk, the process still has that personal touch

Don’t: Send it later

Make use of automation so the moment a new sign-up comes in, a welcome email is automatically sent to that person. Statistically speaking, welcome emails that are sent few hours after sign up are less likely to have better conversion.

Don’t: Forget socials

The good thing about email automation software is that they come with built-in capabilities that allow you to easily add your social media pages. So, go ahead. Add your social pages on your welcome email.

Don’t: Forget A/B Testing

For any given email marketing campaign, A/B testing should always be a part of it. A/B testing lets you analyze which subject line, content or design has the most click-through rates or conversion.


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