By David Holland

November 23, 2016


Watch Out! You Might Be Doing These Costly Social Media Lead Generation Mistakes

The age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have a huge impact on how marketing works. And as far as the digital marketing world’s concern, these channels are exceptional tools for expanding reach, generating leads and increasing RoI.

The sad thing is only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate (Econsultancy, 2016). Surely something big is missing on the efforts of what the majority does when it comes to their approach on lead generation.

For the past half a decade, social media played a key component in generating leads among companies. Matter of fact, 82% of social media generated leads are from Twitter and 90% of digital marketers said Facebook is very important to their marketing efforts.

Forty percent of companies that have Twitter pages experienced boost and increase on numbers of leads.

Social media does not only boost exposure for your business but is also a cheaper marketing medium. It has proven to help on sales and expand web traffic. These are the reasons why 69% of digital marketers are willing to pay for their social media strategies. What is more, social media increases customer satisfaction by 50% and grow lead list to 25%.

If you think you are not really doing enough on generating leads from your social media efforts, you probably haven’t found the right formula yet. Worse, you might be doing one, two or all of these mistakes. So watch out!

Taking for granted keyword, demographic and psychographic analysis

The same as your other marketing approach, social media lead generation should be backed with keyword research as well as demographic and psychographic analysis. These data allow you to offer better content and engage them in languages that resonate to them.

Not using the right channels

There's a reason why demographic and psychographic analysis are important part evento5 social media lead generation -- and this reason serves you well. Both strategies let you see what's inside your target market’s head, including the kind of social media they are most active on. For instance, professionals are likely to use LinkedIn while teenagers are more likely to use Facebook or Twitter. By knowing which channels are used most by your target audience, you spend your resources and time with the right platform.

Seeing social media as a short term strategy. Know this: as long as the Internet exists, so should social media for your lead generation. There will always be some kind of social to dominate the Web. With this, you should see social media as a long term strategy.

Not engaging with people

Lead generation on social media does not work when you ask too much or don’t ask at all. Engaging with your audience is the key to building relationship with prospective customers and formulating effective social media campaign. Answer direct messages, reply to comments and address concerns the soonest possible time.

No referral system

Yes, referral system works, even for lead generation on social media. Allow people to refer their friends in return for a freebie. This helps boost lead numbers as well as builds credibility in your niche.

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