Why Having Live Agents for Your Website Can Make All the Difference

If you have a website, you know how important it is to drive traffic to it. But once you have visitors, are you planning to engage with them in real time and answer their questions immediately? 

While forms and chatbots can provide some immediacy, they often need help answering visitors' questions effectively – and that's where having a live agent comes in.

A human touch can be hugely advantageous for both customer satisfaction and sales and can make ALL the difference.

A Live Agent Offers Human Empathy and Expertise

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A well-trained live agent can empathise with a visitor and move the conversation in the right direction. That might be sensing when a customer’s frustrated, confused or needs specific support which a real person can offer with the right tone.

A live agent also has the expertise to handle complex issues that a chatbot or form can't address. For example, a customer may have a specific question about your product or service, which requires a nuanced response that a chatbot simply wouldn’t be able to do. 

1. A live agent can empathise with visitors

One of the primary reasons to have a live agent is because they can empathise with visitors. Live agents have the unique ability to sense when a customer is frustrated or confused. 

They can adjust their tone and mannerism accordingly to diffuse any potential frustration and help find a solution that they’ll be satisfied with.

A chatbot or form might fail to pick up on this and escalate the issue accidentally. A live agent can also ask follow-up questions and provide a personalised response addressing the customer's concerns.

2. A live agent has the expertise in handling complex issues

Sometimes a customer might have a specific question or issue that exceeds the standard answers available in a chatbot or form. 

In these situations, a live agent can be priceless.

They have the knowledge and expertise to handle complex issues and provide nuanced responses that can allay any concerns and build a positive rapport. 

3. Live agents can build rapport with customers

A well-trained live agent can build relationships with customers. 

As we all know, when customers feel they’re talking to a real person who understands their situation, they’re more likely to feel valued and to have a positive experience.

This, in turn, builds loyalty and encourages customers to return to your business. 

4. Live agents can upsell and cross-sell

A live agent can provide more than just customer support - they can also be a salesperson, offering customers additional products or services. 

This is a great way to upsell and cross-sell, increasing your revenue. But you should note that it needs to be done tactfully so that the customer doesn’t feel like they’re being pressured into buying something they don’t need or want.

5. Live agents can provide valuable feedback

Finally, a live agent can provide valuable feedback about your products or services. 

They are on the front line, dealing with customers day in, day out. They can provide insights into what customers like and dislike about your business and this feedback allows you to improve and adapt your products or services.

A well-trained live agent not only provides empathetic customer support but also brings invaluable benefits to your business. 

The ability to handle complex issues, craft personalised responses, build rapport with customers, upsell, cross-sell, and provide feedback are essential to a successful customer support strategy. 

Large Companies Use Live Agents to Drive Sales and Satisfaction

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Big companies like American Express and Microsoft invest heavily in live agents because they understand this resource's value. Live agents offer personalised service, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

They can also increase sales by guiding visitors through the purchasing process and addressing any doubts or questions the customer may have.

Outsourcing Live Chat is a Viable Solution

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Smaller companies may find it challenging to deploy live agents due to low or intermittent website traffic. 

They may also find recruiting and training staff to be expensive and time-consuming. One solution is outsourcing live chat to a specialised company such as Melu. 

Melu offers a central pool of live agents who can handle chat within your website. 

You get all the benefits of having live agents without additional recruitment, training, and deployment costs.

Melu Offers a Professional and Cost-effective Solution

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Melu understands how challenging it can be for companies to offer live chat support, especially for those on a budget. Melu's solution is to provide a professional, cost-effective service that gives your website the human touch it needs. 

Their live agents are trained to handle various scenarios and can offer personalised service to your visitors. 

Melu's service means you're open to more than time zones or geography and you can have their live agents available to you 24/7, regardless of where you're located.

A live agent for your website is crucial for engaging visitors in real time and answering their questions. They can offer a personalised service that will lead to better customer satisfiaction and can help improve your sales and conversion rates.

While larger companies have the resources to invest heavily in live agents, smaller companies can outsource this service to companies like Melu. 

Melu offers a professional, cost-effective solution that gives your website the human touch it needs. By leveraging a live agent service, you'll have a competitive advantage over competitors who rely solely on chatbots or forms.


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