Why You Should Follow Up on Customer Service Every Single Time

Customer Service is what can keep customers happy and coming back again. However it could be the reason leading to a customer leaving your business for good! This blog post article talks about how to follow up after a purchase provides great benefits.

In a world where everyone is trying to get the best prices, customer service has become less of a priority for many companies. They are more focused on getting people in and then turning them over to customer service once they arrive. This can lead to frustration for both customers and employees alike! Firstly let's look at ways to follow up a customer experience.

How to Follow Up:

Following up with customers should be done at least once a month, as that’s when they are the most engaged and happy! You have an opportunity each time you follow up to make more than just a ‘courtesy call’ or ask what they think of your business. 

- There's no one perfect customer service follow-up method. But if you have a physical or email address and wish to take the time, a personal thank you note is usually appreciated.

- Use surveys and reviews on social media to find out more about what's going on with their needs for products.

- You can find out how everything went after their last visit. Talk about upcoming specials along with other things you want to inform them of. It will also give you another chance to hear from them if there was something not right before - like when it didn't go well for them previously. Or perhaps if there were things that could've been communicated better.

Here are some detailed reasons why a positive follow up is so important:

With these reasons outlined, it would be wise for businesses to follow up with their customers on a consistent basis. It allows them to stay ahead of negative experiences being made public over social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Increase the chance of returning customers

The first reason you should start following up with customer service is because it’s a great way for employees in other departments to send referrals and excellent customers over the line! Chances are, if they have an awesome experience and get treated well by every employee that they come into contact with, the word will get around.

Following up builds a genuine rapport 

The second reason to follow up is because it shows that you care. You want to know what’s happening in your customer’s life and if they need any help with anything! It can also show that things didn’t go well or there was an issue. This allows for better communication between your business and your customers.

Convert lost sales into productive sales 

Responding to customer feedback can be crucial for businesses seeking to grow their clientele as well as those who are simply trying to improve their current experience. If you never call your customer after they have a negative experience, they are justified in wondering if it is worth the risk to buy from you again.

Gain valuable customer insight 

We learn more about what customers want from the business when we reach out to them. The information they provide can be used to make changes that will help your company sales grow. What could be improved? Have they noticed something that could be improved to help future customers ? What stood out a positive in the experience? Listening to this vital information and take it on board! A follow up will allow you to have higher customer satisfaction.



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